Virus delays plans

South Coast school officials are testing families and have delayed plans to get kindergarteners back to Pescadero Elementary School after a positive case of COVID-19. Photo courtesy Pescadero Elementary School

A COVID-19 case among Pescadero’s preschool community has delayed La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District’s reopening plans, further postponing the first day back for a small group of Pescadero students that had been set to return today.

After planning for a Monday reopening for its first “bubble” groups at both area elementary schools, LHPUSD instead opened to just 14 transitional kindergarten and kindergarten students in La Honda this week.

Superintendent Amy Wooliever wrote in a statement to the Review that after the positive case was discovered in the preschool, she closed the program and worked with Puente de la Costa Sur and San Mateo County to test students and families that same day.

“As we monitor possible community spread, and in an abundance of caution, we decided to delay the start of our first Pescadero bubble as additional testing occurs and we work with (the county) to contact trace,” Wooliever wrote. “The safety of our students and staff remains our highest priority.”

Wooliever said the possibility of a positive case in LHPUSD has been top of mind as district officials have partnered with the county and Puente to conduct monthly community testing and some additional targeted testing.

According to case numbers from San Mateo County Department of Health updated last Friday, Pescadero is now reporting 20 cases, a slight increase from the two-dozen cases reported earlier in the month. In neighboring La Honda and Loma Mar, there are fewer than 10 known cases in each.

In late October, the district got approval from the county to reopen its campuses, and planned to operate in-person from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in “bubble” groups of no more than 14 students. The first bubbles back were to include transitional kindergarteners and kindergarteners at La Honda Elementary School and kindergarteners and first graders at Pescadero Elementary School.

Instead, Pescadero elementary’s reopening has been postponed until Nov. 17 with the preschool reopening planned for Nov. 19. Wooliever said the first day at La Honda Elementary was a success.

The district’s initial plan was for each new bubble of elementary students to be brought back at least one week apart. It has not yet scheduled reopening for additional bubbles.

At the last school board meeting, Wooliever said that elementary sites were outfitted with filters and will adhere to strict cleaning protocols during reopening. The two schools are also utilizing outdoor space and requiring masks and COVID-19 screenings for every student every day.

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John Charles Ullom

Hospitals are running out of beds in rural Wisconsin: --

Hospitals are running low on nurses: --

Scott McVicker

Note to the Branch Covidians...

The idea of tracking and tracing a virus which has become endemic is a foolish waste of effort and money. I do wish you could break out of this mindset. In this County, there have been ZERO deaths associated with COVID for the under 30 age group (see the County Health Department's data).

Fear of a virus which has taken 162 persons out of a County population of more than 771,000 has chased you down this rabbit hole of over-reaction. And once started on that path you resist changing your strategy, again, out of fear.

If you looked a bit deeper, chances are this child would have been the majority of the population that encounters this virus. Follow-up reporting please.

John Charles Ullom

Your sick insult is just that, sick. Not even close to being funny. Maybe you prefer this: --

Or maybe you would like to see stories in the Review like this one from North Dakota: --

Or this one from South Dakota: --

Your joke fails.

Scott McVicker

I see Clay has allowed this to be re-posted.

The phrase “Branch Covidians” comes from a site which you have undoubtedly overlooked. It refers to the group who have accepted the narrative about this virus, ignored the difference between the initially advertised lethality and the actual death rate and, with an almost religious fervor, soak up every news article which reinforces their entrenched beliefs and re-spew those “facts” to all within earshot. There are other criteria which apply, but those would take us off point.

I have, in several past postings, referenced data from the San Mateo County Health Department's dashboard - unfiltered data, not subject to coloring nor opinion nor political bent. If citizens are to wake from this civilization-destroying nightmare, then it will need to happen one mind at a time. Perhaps you would like to offer your views on the unadulterated data presented.

Aside: Lord knows what a person in Milwaukee would think of our local virus progress if they only could read the San Jose dog trainer.

The major hurdle is one of Trust. When those in charge keep making the wrong decisions which will damage more lives than will be “saved” from this virus, what is the average Joe supposed to do? See what the media is saying in the UK as they enter a new lockdown...despite initiatives like the Great Barrington Declaration.

It begins with thinking for yourself. When someone tells you how to arrange your holidays...and you have looked at the actual risk...and you decide to live your life instead. Then the whole nasty pretense unravels.

Scott McVicker

I will await for Clay's ruling as to whether JCU's post (which I reported) was within Review guidelines.

John Charles Ullom

Your need to insult those who disagree with your take on pandemic that has ended the lives of 2oo thousand Americans reflects poorly on you:--

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