Joaquin Jimenez alleges profiling

Half Moon Bay City Council member Joaquin Jimenez, seen here at an ALAS open house last year, says a San Mateo County Sheriff's deputy was profiling him when he was stopped on his bicycle over the weekend. Adam Pardee / Review

A Half Moon Bay City Council member believes he was the victim of racial profiling last week when he was stopped on the street by a deputy from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

Councilman Joaquin Jimenez was riding his bike Sunday morning northbound on Main Street near the I.D.E.S. Hall in Half Moon Bay when he was pulled over by a deputy. He says the deputy told him he was stopped for failing to heed a stop sign. He was advised of the law, but was not cited.

Jimenez said he had come from his ranch and was wearing dirty clothes and looked disheveled at the time he was stopped.

“In this case, this deputy profiled me as dirty Mexican riding a bicycle on Main Street,” Jimenez said. “It was uncomfortable.”

Jimenez said he used his cellphone to document the Holy Ghost Festival as he rode by the I.D.E.S. Hall and had both hands off the handlebars as a result. San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos said that explains the traffic stop.

“The deputy thought the bicyclist was behaving in a dangerous manner, and in violation of the vehicle code,” Bolanos said when asked about the incident on Wednesday.

According to Jimenez, the deputy followed him with lights flashing in a patrol car on Main Street from the I.D.E.S. Hall to Correas Street. Jimenez said he wasn’t alerted to the fact that the deputy wanted him to stop until he heard the siren as he rolled through the stop sign at Correas Street. Jimenez said he told the deputy he rode his bike frequently around the area on weekends. Jimenez said after his initial encounter with the deputy, he circled back to speak with a Sheriff’s sergeant about the incident.

Bolanos said the deputy recognized Jimenez as a city councilman, adding that had nothing to do with whether a citation was issued. Bolanos believes Jimenez’s claims of racial profiling “have no basis” and that the deputies acted appropriately. He noted that bicyclists are subject to the same rules of the road as motorized vehicles.

“I strongly believe our deputies would have pulled over anyone who engaged in that type of behavior,” Bolanos said.

The incident occurred as Jimenez and the rest of the City Council were examining the role of San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office deputies in Half Moon Bay. Last week, the council opted not to examine a proposed draft ordinance, co-written by Jimenez and Councilman Harvey Rarback, that would change how deputies operate in the city. Among the complaints addressed in the draft are traffic stops for minor code violations that some reformists say are merely an excuse for extra scrutiny of people of color.

Jimenez has long been a vocal advocate for transparency between law enforcement and the public. He and other family members were stopped and photographed by Sheriff’s deputies during the 2015 Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival. At the time, then-Undersheriff Bolanos said the men were followed because some wore T-shirts that memorialized a gang member and that they were photographed because of what he said was a heated exchange between Jimenez and a security guard.

“Racial profiling is happening,” Jimenez said. “Even when we ride our bicycles.”

“This is exactly what I’m talking about,” Jimenez said. “When people ask about coming forward, well, I’m coming forward. This is what happened to me. I was riding a bicycle like everyone does on Main Street. But I’m the one getting pulled over.”

August Howell is a staff writer for the Review covering city government and public safety.

August Howell is a staff writer for the Review covering city government and public safety. Previously, he was the Review’s community, arts and sports reporter. He studied journalism at the University of Oregon.

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The Forlorn Hope

Can we all just get back to the fundamentals of following the laws no matter how elementary they are? equal justice and accountability for all.

uffish thought

Eblovi counts the cars in his video rolling through a stop sign and misleadingly proclaims, "As to whether or not Councilmember Jimenez was profiled, well you do the math."

What a non sequitur, to put it kindly. Jimenez did not get pulled over for running a stop sign.

The deputy had already put on his flashers well to the south, well before Jimenez reached the Correas St intersection and made that additional infraction. Read the article.

Hence Eblovi's video is totally unsupportive to his claim of police "profiling" Jimenez there.

Indeed, it is useless for any profiling issues.

It contains one police car out of 165-odd vehicles, has zero police interactions with the public, and the races of drivers aren't known either. Therefore it is of no value in characterizing the rates at which various races are stopped for similar offenses.

Why submit such a zero of a video and then pretend it means anything (especially coming from someone who has publicly stated his dislike of such traffic laws)?

Trying to rewrite what happened to Jimenez (i.e. nothing)?

Hoping to video a stop sign runner being pulled over and then blow that one up for the cause too as "racially motivated?"

We don't know for sure but if Eblovi wants to talk about something not passing a "smell test," start there.

HMB Surf

I wonder if Eblovi will lose another fortune by again being on the wrong side of an issue? You'd think he'd learn, but some people just don't have the capacity.

Jimenez is plain and simply wrong. He broke the law in multiple ways, wasn't punished for it, and is now on a whining campaign to pretend he's some sort of victim. Nuh, uh, isn't happening. It's pathetic what we've come to expect from our so-called politicians. Didn't we used to expect them to "hold themselves to higher standards"? It's the reverse now.

John Charles Ullom

"Didn't we used to expect them to "hold themselves to higher standards"?

Sure. Back when we were in kindergarten.

We had a Farmer Councilmember who farmed city owned land for over two decades and was reelected. He feigned ignorance and of course got away with it. Even kept the profits. This farmer politician finds himself to be special. He claims he is owed and parleyed that imagined debt into special legislation meant to benefit him.

We have two politicos who own a business that at least one abuses to gather private data to use against citizens who advocate for causes the two of them don't support.

We have another politician who servers on two districts. She plays the race card often. She fancies herself to be a victim of Asian hate and sexual stereo typing. Claims she has the emails to prove it but she refuses to provide any proof.

We had a another councilmember who routinely asserted we wouldn't get this or that unless we voted Yes on Measure O. We didn't. We got those things anyways. She played the same game with Measure K.

We have another local politico who maintains a list of at least 42, at last count, men who enjoy close ups of women's privates.

We had self professed financing expert who once wrote an editorial claiming all kinds of untruths about city actions pertaining to the bridge. The Review knew he used their paper to spread this disinformation. They endorsed him.

We have a Sheriff who was rewarded with the job for his silence. He was an Undersheriff when he and his buddy Sheriff were found hanging out a house where sex salves were being abused. He said nothing for over a decade. Now he fancies himself to be a victims too.

We have a governor who slept with the wife of a close friend. He wants to be President.

We had a President who held himself to the lowest standard imaginable.

At least Eblovi has the courage to use his name. Something such as you never had and never will.

Comment deleted.
John Charles Ullom

"Didn't we used to expect them to "hold themselves to higher standards"?"

Seriously, when have you expected any of them to be better than us?

No insult intended. Kindergarteners believe all that bull about our leaders being better than us. One of the things Adults have to learn is all that Sunday school propaganda they were taught is one sided at best You are too sensitive. I did not mean to victimize you.

You made an observation. I offered an opinion. I provided examples of people who fit your criteria as leaders who failed to hold themselves to a higher standard.

I would agree that way too many people consider themselves victims. In this case, I am afraid that Councilmember Jimenez has allowed past interactions with cops color his perceptions of what happened.

I tried to provide examples of other groups who might feel they were profiled for wearing clothing. Look at all the people who cry about being de-platformed or being victimized by political correctness.

Start with uffish for example. He thinks Trump supporters were profiled by Dirty Cops in San Jose because the cops allowed BLM protester's beat on the MAGA hatters . Ask him. He'll prove the cops profiled his and allowed them to be physically harassed. You would not believe the things he said about Sheriff's Deputy Erick Gelhaus. Ask him about how Andy was profiled and then victimized because he was carrying a pretend semi automatic.

Or check out August West. He wants to pretend he is a victim because he supposedly voted for Jimenez. Sadly, August West would have been committing voter fraud if he actually was victim of voting for Jimenez. Why he needs to feign victimization is for him to explain.

Remember AFOG? Turns out their only cause was righting the wrong committed by the CUSD against three of them. Once the views from the back yards of the three organizers/victims were improved, AFOG became useless to their cause. And that is why you don't here about AFOG anymore.

Farmer John has claimed victimization left and right. Starting with city failing to place a lot line delineating city land from Farmer John's rented pumpkin patch. He even claimed we owed him the privilege of growing cannabis.

Tom Mattusch used to claim he was the victim of a lesbian who didn't get the joke and then changed his story and claimed she wanted to be on his list of 42 perverts.

Virginia Chang Kiraly claims she has been a victim of board members and staff at the Menlo Park Fire District. She claims she has been emailed Asian Slurs. But she won't provide the proof of her victimization.

Our Sheriff claims he is a victim because people want to know how it was that he and his buddy ended up on the wrong end of an FBI sex slave bust.

Our Governor considers himself a victim of people like me who can't stand his hypocrisy on Covid.

Our previous President whined incessantly about being the victim of just about everybody.

And never forget the Bill Clinton was the victim of a vast right wing conspiracy.

Being a victim is fashionable these days. And it works.

Thanks for your vote in 2012 but what heck were you thinking? I would have been a horrible politico. You all would have considered your self's victims had I been elected.

uffish thought

When people can reliably demonstrate a respectful dialog instead of going for the throat as they sometimes do here, others might eventually use their real names.

In the meantime, protesting the use of handles just highlights the problem of people who cannot control themselves.

John Charles Ullom

"In the meantime, protesting the use of handles..."

Nobody is protesting your pusillanimity uffish. All I pointed out is that Eblovi has more courage than such as you ever have or ever will.

You know the awful things you said about cops in San Jose and the Deputy in Santa Rosa. You said those things, anonymously, because you thought your side had been profiled. You can own them if you want or pretend otherwise. You are not going to be held to account so have it.

You wrote: "We don't know for sure but if Eblovi wants to talk about something not passing a "smell test," start there."

Is that what you mean by respectful dialog or is that an example of why you are afraid to own your words? Here is what we know about you uffish. You, like Eblovi, Jimenez, myself, and everybody else, views the world through the lens of what they know and what they have experienced.

Something in your past caused you to see "Dirty Cops" in San Jose. You made horrible accusations against them. You did so because you felt the "Dirty Cops" had profiled Trump Supporters and decide to allow them to be attacked. You know I can find your quotes so you aren't going to push back against the allegation that you alleged anti MAGA bigotry where there wasn't any.

How is that different than what you allege about Jimenez?

Something about cops caused you make despicable comments about Deputy Erick Gelhaus. You practically accused Gelhaus of executing Andy Lopez. The fact Andy was carrying a fake automatic weapon didn't stop you from vilifying Deputy Gelhaus using terms Mr. Jimenez would never think of using.

What caused you to react in those ways uffish? Don't worry, nobody knows who you are and nobody really cares. Be honest. You don't have to own your words if you don't want to.

As for August West. He is not going to own his claim that he voted for Jimenez even though he knows we know that it is either a lie or a admission to voting fraud. He like you does not have the courage to own his words. He fancies himself a victim of his vote, or at least he finds the falsehood useful to his cause.

And uffish, it's only words. Nobody has hurt me too badly because of my advocacy even though they know my name. Your fear is unfounded. Women and Men have died fighting for your right to express yourself and own what you say. Honor their sacrifice. Stop pretending using your name will subject you to victimization by profiling.

Just as you demand of Jimenez.

uffish thought

To JCU-- It was not just profiling and Trump rally goers won a legal settlement against the SJ dirty cops.

What happened: In a well planned 2016 setup, San Jose police (run by far left wingers) herded peaceful people exiting the building into a collision with the waiting throngs of violent thugs that had been bused in while we were inside.

Videos show police standing by watching men get clubbed in the head and left bleeding; women surrounded, threatened, grabbed at and egged; children chased down and tackled. (** see article)

It was so egregious even the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with us.

Ultimately the SJ Mayor issued an apology to the “blameless individuals” and authorities prosecuted numerous officials.

===> But most importantly, police were forced to make significant changes in the way they interact with the public and to undergo additional training. A good thing for everyone's protection, agreed?

Similarly, exploring ways to prevent another Yanira or Sandra type of fatality is a good thing in HMB. The vision put forth by Jimenez, Rarback and Eblovi however creates more division and danger and is not the way to go. Let's have a good *honest* discussion with the public and the police. Not this farce.


** "While walking to the parking garage after the rally, [lead plaintiff] Juan Hernandez suffered a broken nose when a man..ran up on him and his date, punching him and sending Hernandez to the ground." ...

“ 'I never let anyone know who I supported because I knew I was going to be attacked verbally,' he said. 'Looking back to when I was 18 or so, it was so much easier coming out gay than it was coming out a Trump supporter.' ”

--- San Jose Spotlight, April 2020

PS, I have no idea about the Sonoma event you allude to with such fervor.

John Charles Ullom

"What happened: In a well planned 2016 setup, San Jose police (run by far left wingers) herded peaceful people exiting the building into a collision with the waiting throngs of violent thugs that had been bused in while we were inside."

So, the Chief and his command staff are far left wingers. And you know this about the San Jose Police Department. You assert that the San Jose Police coordinated with thugs, bussed them in, and then a bunch of Dirty San Jose Cops purposefully directed you and other MAGA hatters into a mob the cops had waiting for them. You know this all happen d because you were profiled for being Trump supporters.

"It was so egregious even the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with us."

You even claim the Ninth circuit agrees with your characterization. Problem with that. You are wrong. All the 9th circuit did was to relive the police of their limited immunity protections. You were allowed to sue the police for the obvious mistakes in judgment that were made that night.

"Ultimately the SJ Mayor issued an apology to the “blameless individuals” and authorities prosecuted numerous officials."

The authorities prosecuted at 22 people that you allege were bussed in by Dirty Left Wing led San Jose cops. Not a single "official" was prosecuted. Not one uffish, Not one.

As for the Mayor's apology:

"Hernandez said Garcia’s apology seemed genuine."

As for your assertion that a bunch of San Jose cops purposefully bussed in a goon squad to inflict pain on you, BS. Nobody but you makes that assertion Certainly not the lead plaintive, Mr. Hernandez. Certainly not the lawyer who took on your case:

“The government makes mistakes and I get that, but ultimately as a taxpayer, I’d like to see the city of San Jose settle this case,” Dhillon said. “It’s not about the money – it’s about stopping these practices and making sure they don’t happen again. Also, if they lose this case the city will be paying my attorney’s fees as well.”

Were mistakes made? Yep. Should San Jose Tax payer be held to account. Nope and they were not. All that came out of the lawsuit was a promise to work on tactics. And that was a good outcome. Was their an evil conspiracy run by a cadre of dirty left wing cops. No the was not.

Yet you are willing to frame the truth in order vilify Dirty Cops whose motivations you have no doubt about. Just like Jimenez. You know that this was plan, not a mistake. Just like Jimenez. You know you were profiled. Just as Jimenez knows he was.

You try to imply the 9th circuit was in total agreement with you when all that was decided as a technical point. You flat out say the numerous officials were prosecuted when in fact nobody was prosecuted except 22 thugs that you claim the Dirty Cops imported just for you.

You are vilifying cops who made mistakes in judgment. You are making horrible accusations against those cops. Far worse than any Jimenez has made against San Mateo Deputies. You have no proof of this. And you distort facts so as to back up your vilification of cops who do not deserve your slanderous accusations against them.

Are you sure you don't see a little in yourself of what you accuse Jimenez of?


$16,000 is a fortune to you??

The $5.2 million I saved HMB's taxpayers- now that's a fortune. The $16,000 I paid for the privilege of doing it- and so Allan and Mike Alifano could have their fun??

Pocket change...

John Charles Ullom

In 2015, the Review said the Sheriff said:

"Bolanos said Garduno-Vega was a known member of the Coastside Locos Sureño group and the T-shirts could be interpreted as a potential gang affiliation. The deputies wanted to document them, Bolanos said, “in case a crime were to occur later.”"

in 2021 the Review says this:

"At the time, then-Undersheriff Bolanos said the men were followed because some wore T-shirts that memorialized a gang member and that they were photographed because of what he said was a heated exchange between Jimenez and a security guard."

Ashli Babbit was wearing a MAGA hat the day she and a bunch of MAGA hat wearing terrorists tried to kill Pence, Pelosi, AOC, and everybody else they had decided were traitors.

But Ashli Babbit was true American Hero. She fought in Iraq and truly believed the cause for which she died. Which was a lie.

Many people who wear MAGA hats are defenders of Ashli Babbit, her beliefs, and what happened on January 6th. Therefor, all MAGA hat wearers should be photographed and be recorded in a database.

Try this:

"Bolanos said Ashli Babbit was a known member of the "Take Back America" group and the MAGA Hats could be interpreted as a potential Terrorist Affiliation affiliation. The deputies wanted to document them, Bolanos said, “in case a crime were to occur later.”"

How does that work for MAGA hatters? The statement is absolutely true in both cases. And in both cases, horribly un-American. Should all MAGA hatters be profiled as being potential terrorists because of their attire?

How about BLMers? Or "Pro Lifers". Are they all suspect? Should we have the cops photograph them all and store them in databases of the "Usual Suspects" in case a crime were to occur?

Check out this listing on Ebay: --

Should the FBI obtain a list of this jerks customers in case somebody blows up an abortion clinic or blows away a doctor who provides abortions? --

Or would any of the above examples of profiling, perhaps only the parts that might apply to you and yours, be objectionable?

John Charles Ullom

"When has it become popular to ignore and disobey laws that protect everyone?"

Since cops started to decide which laws they will enforce. For example cops who refuse to enforce mask mandates: --

Or was it when cops refused to arrest Cliven Bundy for stealing and threatening to shoot cops: --

Which led to this: --

Maybe it became OK when cops started refusing to enforce gun laws: --

Or maybe, just maybe, it became OK when our Sheriff and Undersheriff got caught at a brothel full of sex slaves and nobody cared. Now Bolanos claims he is a victim of his perversions: --

Now you know.

Imagine this. You are walking down Main street wearing a t-shirt commemorating LaVoy Finicum. Cops see you wearing it. So they call you out, sit you and your family down and take your picture to be stored in a database of Americans who support toppling the Federal Government. Are you OK with that? Can you even imagine such a thing happening?

The same thing happened to Mr. Jimenez:--

If you and your family were stopped and photographed because you were wearing a LaVoy Finicum t-shirt, or a Gadsden flag t-shirt. or a Pepe the Frog t-shirt, how would that affect your opinions of the police?

Scott McVicker

You will need this link to round out the picture:

Among the incidents you cite, place “Not getting a ticket while riding a bicycle unsafely*.”

*See UT's May 30th post.

I am reminded of...

One of these things is not like the others,

One of these things, doesn't belong...


Still stuck on Vegas huh?

HMB Surf

As much as I agree with your comments, I did want to respectfully point out that the correct spelling for your avatar is "Meininungsfreiheit".


By George, you're right. Missing an "i" after the first "e." Thanks. Good eye!


Incorrect, correct spelling is Meinungsfreiheit.


This makes me angry. Why I get a ticket but not Jimenez? Why does he get special treatment? So because he is a councilmen, he gets a get out of ticket free card? If he was stopped without reason and judged on his clothing, sure, racial profiling. But this man had violated two laws and was giving a warning? Mr. Major of Half Moon Bay, is this how your board and councilmen conduct themselves? We want policemen to be held accountable for their actions, but who

Holds you guys to your actions? Us! The citizens of Half Moon Bay hold you accountable! Lead by example please. Remember who voted for you. Represent us and do not abuse your powers to do as you please. I’m glad this happens. You are not above the law! Take responsibility for your actions. Be accountable. Be a leader or we vote someone else responsible.

uffish thought

The timing of this much-politicized incident is interesting: it's right when Jimenez, Rarback and Eblovi are pushing their policing ordinance and attacking traffic laws as ways for police to harass minorities.

A mere coincidence, or worthy of a double take?

In front of a deputy at a busy Main Street event, Jimenez chose to operate his vehicle with his hands on a cell phone and no means of quickly steering or braking. Police say he was videoing the event to the side, not watching the road, and blowing through a stop sign. Unquestionably unsafe, he could have hit a child.

No surprise, really, that he was pulled over. Did the deputy mistreat him? No, and he didn't cite him either. Most people would feel lucky to not get a ticket and would decide to be more careful.

Not Jimenez. He sought out another deputy to complain to, ensuring a well-documented incident. And rather than taking responsibility for his error, he blew it up into a big "racial profiling" event, publicly slandering the deputy as a racist singling him out.

Wow, so timely. Gotta ask, is it possible he trolled a cop for publicity to support his cause? (After all, some people in this town do go to extremes to fight their battles.)

Answer: We don't know. We're not in his head and have no evidence.

Likewise, Jimenez has no basis to accuse the deputy of selectivly pulling him over as a minority instead of for his flagrant violations. Until he does he should drop it.

Eblovi, May 12, 2021, HMB Review: "The first thing we looked at was pretextual.. traffic stops for things that have nothing to do with the safety of the public. This includes things like missing or expired registration tags, taillights or other lights that are out, tinted windows or things hanging from your rearview mirror, cracked windshields, a failure to signal a lane change, or even weaving slightly in your lane."

["Nothing to do with the safety of the public?" Each of those laws protects us from harm, even vehicle registration.]


Well said. Thank you.

here ya' go

Great comment. I have to agree with you here, 100%. Never saw that common ground a comin’, but here it is. :-)



When has it become popular to ignore and disobey laws that protect everyone?

Scott McVicker

Much Ado

Constructing an experiment requires an understanding of the variables involved. It is not as simple as counting cars. So let's think a bit deeper...

How does traffic (both automobile and bicycle) vary throughout the day? We are familiar with rush hour traffic...and festival traffic...but how does the volume of traffic vary within the City? Specifically, are there hours during which all traffic is heavier and there is an increased risk of vehicular accidents? The answer could vary by day of the week, month or even Seasonally.

And now deeper still, perhaps bicycles are the preferred transportation of local workers (predominantly Latinos?? Who really knows?)...who are not on the street except at the beginning and end of day. During these commute times, does their presence coincide with heavier vehicle traffic?

Our patrolling officer's schedules are they should it is extremely difficult to assess the frequency of traffic stops absent actually witnessing the violation, the stop and the resulting issue of a warning or citation. You can understand how time of day plays into this. Are more citations issued during heavy traffic periods?

It all seems so random, no? But wait, we need to add “ethnicity” to this this is at the heart of the allegation. Re-read the above descriptions if necessary. Time of day. A traffic population. Unknown - but possible skewing by time of day – of the ethnicity of operators. Sporadic and unpredictable law enforcement presence. One might conclude that attributing a perceived negative event to a series of uncontrollable yet intertwined “flows” is tenuous.

Time to let this one go.


I agree. That experiment goes to show how we have issue of the public. It does not include anything of police response. If police was at that corner, we have less numbers maybe.


Of course the mayor is gonna pull the race card. The man is not only a mayor but drives a low rider for crying out loud.


The new meme is, if you're a POC and have contact with the police, it's racial profiling. Plain and simple. Doesn't manner what you did to get their attention.


As many (or most) of you are already aware, Councilmember Jimenez was stopped last Sunday by a Sheriff’s Deputy in what gives every appearance of having been a profiling incident. I’m not going to rehash what we know about that incident, instead I’m going to offer some new data.

Both the Sheriff and numerous public commentators over several forms of online media have suggested that it was Mr. Jimenez’ fault and that he was pulled over for coasting through the stop sign at Correas and Main. These assertions don’t really pass the smell test, but the intrepid investigators of the all-volunteer Coastside Criminal Investigation Society decided to do a short study to determine the likelihood of Mr. Jimenez having been stopped for committing an offence to the public safety.

Thus were Senior investigator Deaglan Eblovi (14) and Junior Investigator Junuh Eblovi (12) dispatched this morning between 1030 and 1130 to the corner of Correas and Main with notebooks and camera in hand.

What they found was astonishing. 165 cars were sampled over the course of approximately 45 minutes to see how many came to a full and legal stop at each of the four stop signs in the intersection. Cars that could not proceed due to people in the crosswalk, or cars passing in front of them were not counted towards the total.

Of the 165 cars a grand total of seven actually came to a full and complete stop. That’s a rate of 4.24 percent of vehicular traffic through the intersection that actually made a legal stop. Oh the lawlessness!!

A Sheriff’s vehicle went through the intersection twice, but the Investigators only got the second time on video. No one was stopped as apparently there wasn’t enough lawbreaking going on for the Sheriff to notice.

The video of their efforts, compressed to make it more compact and shorter is here:

It’s worth a look- many folks never even find their brake pedal… The one section where 8 cars parade through the southbound intersection without stopping is especially awe-inspiring, so please do take a look.

As to whether or not Councilmember Jimenez was profiled, well you do the math...

Warm regards,



Do you know if policemen was parked at the corner we have the same number? I think people violate the law outside of view of them. Well, unless you are councilmen, then you can violate the law in front of police and still get a warning! We should make study on councilmen violating law in front of police. Then see and count how many times they get pulled over or cited. Politicians get away with everything.


Hasn’t Mr. Jimenez pulled the race card before? Not saying that it doesn’t happen , but ............


The cops does not have anything better to do. I have seen so many folks not stop at the Main Street stop signs and no tickets/warnings were issued to them. This is clearly racial profiling. The one dimensional law and order comments on this board are the unfortunate.


Most common CHP complaint after pulling over someone for speeding.

"I was just following traffic" though occasionally someone will pull the race card.

D. Romeo

Fact: Mr. Jiminez committed a low level offense.

Fact: Mr. Jiminez was legally pulled over by a deputy, who was doing his job.

Fact: Mr. Jimenez was treated respectfully and appropriately for the offense he committed.

I have brown skin and have been pulled over 3 times while committing similar bicycle infractions and treated in an identical manner as Mr. Jimenez. NEVER did I blame the result of my actions on anything other than I committed a minor offense of the law.

It is so ironic and out of line that people are pointing to racism towards Hispanic people by an organization that is headed by a Hispanic man and has minority supervisors throughout the ranks.

John Charles Ullom

"I have brown skin and have been pulled over 3 times while committing similar bicycle infractions and treated in an identical manner as Mr. Jimenez."

Really? Cops have lit up their cherries and blasted their sirens at you THREE TIMES and you didn't modify your behavior? Really?

"...that is headed by a Hispanic man ..."

Headed by a Hispanic man who was busted at a brothel in a residential neighborhood where Asian Sex Slaves were being abused. Bolanos, protected another cop, Gregg Munks who was also there to abuse Asian Sex Slaves.

Carlos Bolanos takes care of Carlos Bolanos..


It strikes me that Councilman Jimenez thinks he is "special" and doesn't need to obey the rules and laws put in place to keep us all safe. Instead of being grateful for not receiving a citation Mr. Jimenez bad mouths the Sheriff's Deputy for doing his job.....Discrimination....give me a break!


I am on the same page


Politicians are "special." Just ask 'em!

uffish thought

I was pulled over for a single moving violation and was cited.

Jimenez was pulled over for multiple dangerous moving violations but he was not cited.

Repeat: Jimenez was not cited.

When someone keeps complaining in spite of getting a break or even preferential treatment, next time just give him the ticket.


Wow, if you obey the traffic laws you/anyone...would not be stopped. A traffic violation occurred, not a clothing violation. Yes others do it, but perhaps a deputy is not there at the time others are doing it. Please.

Joe Sheridan

I think Mr. Jimenez should be thanking the deputy for education him and possibly saving his life.


Barney is smart. I agree


Hearing the San Mateo County Sheriff's Department claiming there's no racism in their policing practices is like hearing a steakhouse claim there's no meat in any of their their entrees.


But isn’t a steakhouse suppose to sell meat?! I think what would have been better comparison to say is that a restaurant who claims their kitchen is 100% clean are liars.


Can you back up your statement with a little proof? And by the way, did you know that San Mateo County is one of the safest counties to live/work in. Apparently, law enforcement on the Peninsula is doing something right.

Sabrina Brennan

Sheriff Carlos Bolanos' remarks lack accountability. It's time the City of HMB found a new law enforcement service provider.

Scott McVicker

To paraphrase Dr. Penrose from a recent Council meeting, "If we only had an infinite amount of money...".


The Half Moon Bay General Plan and Local Coastal Plan was recently approved by the Coastal commission and will be certified by the City Council. A big part of that plan is to advance non motorized transportation throughout our community. Enforcement actions like this, regardless of motivations, chill the ability to encourage a community that is walkabale and bikable.

August West

I made a mistake voting for this guy.

Scott McVicker

August... Think in the long term. A local activist who has been working to fee local families runs for Council so that a population's voice can be heard. In the past, he might have argued a case for being singled out. Now however, as a Councilmember, he must take the larger view as being part of "management". The personal opinion versus the Public position...which has been difficult for many on the Council.

Give him time to adjust.


There is no need to adjust to something as common as obeying the law, or taking accountability.


Me too! I will make new decision next time


Kudos for recognizing your error.

Scott McVicker

There is an opportunity for an experiment here - as in ticketing every cyclist for six months then organizing the data by ethnicity - but we would, I assume, be starting with unequal numbers of bicycle riders in each category given the multitude of uses.

Since this isn't going anywhere anytime soon...

Getting back to traffic stops (one of the points mentioned as the impetus for the proposed local ordinance), can we look back into the recent citation records for the reasons behind the stops? Fix-it tickets? Moving violations? Is there some correlation between violations and driving without a license? (Cited and released on a promise to appear - I see those in the Review frequently)

Cid Young

Whoops! Looks like THIS TIME they pulled over the wrong Hispanic Citizen, who not only has a "voice" as an elected Council Member, but is actively working to change how the local Sheriffs spend their time policing the "Streets of Half Moon Bay". Perhaps the Sheriffs should constantly patrol the intersections near Highway One and Hwy 92 (including Main & 92) and earn some real revenue by ticketing those drivers who dangerously run lights or block intersections on crowded weekends. BUT, that would be seen as harassing visitors, not people of color, not to mention give a lot of local scofflaws tickets they might deserve. I might not care that a cyclist went through a stop sign and got pulled over, except - that is a dangerous habit these days, when drivers are so inattentive. It still smacks of racial profiling, to me, and I am a Caucasian.


I see white cyclists in their stretchy pants & cycling jerseys rolling through stop signs ALL THE TIME on Main St. I've never seen one pulled over.


Sounds like you spend a lot of time on Main St? When you see the crackers rolling thru the stop sign, any fuzz around?

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