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On Monday, PG&E announced that nearly 30 counties, including San Mateo, could be subject to a planned power shut-off because of a dry and strong wind event forecasted later this week. The National Weather Service has also issued a red flag warning for much of the area surrounding the Coastside.

The utility company’s analysts and meteorologists will consider several factors including wind gusts, high temperatures and dry conditions before shutting off power. PG&E officials said they will communicate with local stakeholders and PG&E customers through texts, emails and phone calls with as much advance notice as possible.

The San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services was notified along with other state agencies about the possible outage on Oct. 6.

“It should be stated that PG&E is the responsible party to keep people up to date with information, but to further enhance the message we will send out an SMC Alert with information from PG&E,” said Kevin Rose, manager of the Office of Emergency Services.

The city of Half Moon Bay has backup generators for government buildings. If there’s an emergency, the city could decide to activate an Emergency Operation Center to coordinate with first-responders. City officials declined to comment on the situation, but a press release sent out last night said officials are monitoring the situation and expect to know more by noon.

Cabrillo Unified School District officials said if the Coastside experiences an outage, the district will provide updates to families on the status of their schools. The Coastside County Water District issued a statement notifying customers that a loss of power shouldn’t hinder water services.

For Wednesday, It is unknown how many people and what areas will be affected. If PG&E decides to cut power, officials said customers who may lose power should receive alerts 24 to 48 hours in advance, as well as just before a shut-off event.

To prepare, the utility company recommends that customers update their contact information, keep devices charged, fill up their gas tanks and have an emergency supply kit ready.

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