Carpooling, mass transit and re-engineering signals are among the fixes Half Moon Bay City Council members envision to alleviate long-standing — and some say worsening — commute congestion.

“We have a lot of cars and limited space on our roadways,” said City Engineer Maziar Bozorginia. “So, how do we get people from point A to point B without relying on single occupant vehicles?”

Earlier this year, City Council deemed transportation management as one of its top five priorities. 

The goal, as outlined in a city staff report, is to “identify and implement strategies that provide current single occupant driver incentives to consider and embrace alternate means of getting to work, school or other destinations.” 

Ideas being considered include promoting carpooling, employee van pooling, bicycling, walking and mass transit. In its efforts, city staff is exploring options to partner with other agencies, such as the Cabrillo Unified School District, the San Mateo County Transit District and the City/County Association of Governments for ways to share resources. 

Other projects already in the works are aimed at addressing issues related to traffic congestion, such as implementing the recently adopted Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan to create better access for non-motorists. 

Bozorginia said some of the polices the city is developing will be centered around encouraging and possibly requiring private development to build things such as bike lockers and showers for people who want to use other modes of transit or ride shares. 

The other piece of the program is focused on relying on data sets to understand the community’s travel patterns and needs. 

“For instance, I am sure a lot of people work at Stanford and are going in that direction. So, how can we link those folks together,” Bozorginia said. 

The program will outline ways to reduce people’s reliance on their vehicles.

At the upcoming city council meeting on Tuesday a draft of the Transportation Action and Adaptation Program will be reviewed in detail.

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