Years of public transportation planning will result in changes to local bus routes starting Aug. 7.  

The planned service updates, called “Reimagine SamTrans,” are designed to prioritize equity, efficiency and expanded connections. The first wave of updates is mainly line consolidations aiming to increase efficiency. 

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John Charles Ullom

Route 294 deviations to College of San Mateo and San Mateo Medical Center will be discontinued. Riders can access College of San Mateo with a transfer to Route 250 at Hillsdale. San Mateo Medical Center will be accessible with a transfer to Route 295 or about a five-minute walk. Route 294 will now operate hourly all day on weekdays.

John Charles Ullom

The former Route 17 will be rebranded to Route 117. The new Route 117 will be simplified with fewer deviations off Highway 1, resulting in more direct service with buses every 60 minutes on weekends. Seton Coastside Medical Center will be added as a stop on every trip.

Service to Sunshine Valley Road, 6th Street, Cañada Cove, and Pescadero will be eliminated. Riders from 6th Street and Cañada Cove will still be able to access Route 117 with a longer walk. Riders in Pescadero will be able to use SamCoast service.

Timed transfers will be implemented at the Linda Mar Park and Ride between Route 117 and Route 110.

John Charles Ullom

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