The Granada Community Services District had been redesigning the slice of land north of Surfer’s Beach known as Burnham Strip and given it a working title of “Burnham Park.” Last week, the strip got a new name.

Last week the board voted 3-2 to change the park name to Granada Community Park. The board considered three proposals: Burnham Park, Granada Community Park and Chiguan Park. Chiguan was the indigenous name for the area encompassing El Granada where the Ramaytush people lived long before European colonization. According to Ryan Molyneaux, the Ramaytush established two villages within their Chiguan territory near Pillar Point and Miramar. Archeological evidence shows that groups fished, hunted and played games in the area, including what is now the Burnham Strip. He noted that renaming the park could spark educational programs explaining the history of the Ramaytush and Ohlone. 

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I’m embarrassed to be represented by Directors Dye, Marsh, and Clark. They chose to honor themselves over the indigenous people whose land they live on and enjoy.

Thank you Directors Grant and Randle for providing some much needed common sense to the Granada Community Services Board. Please keep it up, we need more of you on this board!

John Charles Ullom

The reasons offered are pretty lame. Dye, Marsh, and Clark seem to have embarrassed themselves on this one. Sad.

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