San Mateo County Harbor Commission President Sabrina Brennan decided to pass the gavel to fellow Commissioner Tom Mattusch on Tuesday. The move came just before the Commission planned to wrest the presidency from her.

Commissioner Robert Bernardo requested the special meeting at the end of last week’s regular meeting. The request came during a closed session that didn’t include Brennan.

Most of the 23 speakers during the meeting at the Oyster Point Yacht Club came to support Brennan. The majority of the complaints about her conduct focused on her handling of the Titans of Mavericks permitting and continued a discussion from last week.

“I hate being here,” said Jeff Clark. The principal in Titans of Mavericks addressed Brennan directly.

“I’m here because you’re quoted in the papers before talking to me,” he said.

Sixteen others spoke in support of Brennan, thanking her for her efforts to provide transparency in what they saw as a historically corrupt organization.

“I thought I voted for reform,” said Mike Ferreira, a former mayor of Half Moon Bay. “But I didn’t get reform. Voters are being let down big time tonight.”

Following comments, Brennan reaffirmed that she stood for open government, safety and recreation, and in support of fishing, boating and local businesses. Brennan received 120,000 votes in fall 2012, the highest vote total ever recorded for the Harbor Commission.

“My strength is in making creative solutions to address decades of mismanagement,” Brennan said, before naming Mattusch as her best possible successor.

Before the board voted to confirm Mattusch’s new post, Bernardo and Commissioners Nicole David and Pietro Parravano voiced their opinions. The three were in agreement that Brennan had disrupted the board’s efficacy from her allegedly offensive manner, most recently aimed toward Interim General Manager Glenn Lazof, according to memos from Lazof.

“It’s not just between Sabrina and Lazof,” David said. She claimed that Brennan had harassed her in the past, as well.

“There’s a disturbing pattern of behavior,” Bernardo added, blaming Brennan for the recent rise in tension from the surf event organizers. “Truly, enough is enough.”

Brennan had the meeting’s last speech, clarifying that she has covered her personal legal costs. She also noted a possible connection between the litigation against her and the harassment claim that she filed against former General Manager Peter Grenell.

“I’m really at the breaking point,” Brennan said. “I’m considering whether it’s worthwhile to keep going with this.”

The harbor board passed the motion to make Mattusch the new president in a 5-0 vote. David was voted the new vice president.

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John Charles Ullom

When Mike Alifano was on the Fire Board he routinely attacked staff. He called the Chief a liar and ripped on the fact that Chief Cole had failed to do inspections.

When Doug Macintosh was on the Fire Board, he spread rumors about staff getting people killed.

When Gary Riddell was on the Fire Board, he expressed astonishment that staff had not gotten anybody killed.

Never did anybody suggest that Macintosh, or Riddell, or Alifano should lose their Presidency, Vice Presidency, or anything like it. Staff didn't sue. The people decided.

When Willy Holsinger accused a staff member of "Sloppy Legal Scholarship" because the staff member would not say what Willy wanted said, the staff member quit. Bernardo and Parravano had no problem with it.

When Willy Holsinger accused Commissioner Brennan supporters of brandishing a knife at a District Meeting, Parravano and Bernardo said nothing.

When Peter Grenell was drawing naked pictures of female staff and sending them notes suggesting that the Back 40 Be Plowed, Parravano and Bernardo did nothing even though the district was sued.

When Parravano was busted attempting to commit fraud , Bernardo, supported him. There were no consequences imposed by the Commission.

When Tucker, voted to have Commissioner Brennan investigated for the second time because she provided her contact information on her District Bio page, Bernardo and Parravano supported him.

At this point, does anybody detect a common denominator? For those who do, you know pretty much what is coming next.

Glenn Lazof has a phone conversation with Commissioner Brennan and is so frightened by her words he declares he will not work with her, is afraid of her, and orders staff to stay away from her.

That makes Sabrina Brennan a dangerous bitch who has to be "Stripped Of Her Presidency" according to Bernardo, Parravano, and David.


Of course they voted her out, she actually had more balls than the other four "men" on that board to call out Jeff Clark and Cartel Management. I watched the video Jeff was referring to. They gave Mavericks Invitational special consideration so that they could line up sponsors and get the event on track. Not only did they not line-up a sponsor in two years but chased the only ones they did have out of town. And now they're all being sued by them. And how dare that board vote her down when they have all been been investigated by a Grand Jury and recommended that they dissolve the board because of their actions and not her's. Don't quit Sabrina stay on the board and keep trying to make more positive changes!


“I’m really at the breaking point,” Brennan said. “I’m considering whether it’s worthwhile to keep going with this.”

The inclination of this community to support the San Mateo County Harbor District comes from the faith that our system of government will solve problems.
We mostly have gone along with even controversial measures amid the former majority abuses.
We supported our infrastructure even through the obvious influence peddling.
We let the local big mouths get too much evidenced by their own behavior.
Kick Maverick titans out of the harbor.
GForget their big wave contest window BS
stay the course?
Abandon my support,
Jeff Clark and the titans,
no more from me,
Dissolve the district.
San Mateo County,
we're going to be watching you once you take over,
the sheriff best not treat the harbor as their fiefdom like they and the last GM/majority/office mafia did

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