A lonely time
Senior Coastsiders programs began to dwindle last week as seniors particularly became concerned about contracting the virus. Kent Hwang / Review

Amid a wave of new coronavirus cases in the region, health officers from six Bay Area counties issued a joint order on Monday that severely limits travel and asks most people to stay in their homes.

"The intent of this order is to ensure that the maximum number of people self-iosolate in their places of residence ... to slow the spread of COVID-19 to the maximum extent possible,"  the order begins. It includes all residents of San Mateo County. When out, residents are warned to stay six feet apart. Homeless individuals were strongly urged to find shelter.

A range of businesses deemed essential will be allowed to remain open, including healthcare, grocery stores, convenience stores, farming operations, gas stations, banks and hardware stores. Newspapers and media organizations are exempt from the order.

The order takes effect at midnight tonight and is due to continue through April 7.

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