Safe and sound
Someone turned in these baby weasels to the Peninsula Humane Society. They were found on a Half Moon Bay trail. Photo courtesy PHS/SPCA

Two baby long-tailed weasels — believed to be brother and sister — are currently under the care of the Peninsula Humane Society after they were discovered by hikers last month on a Half Moon Bay trail.

“They are wild and were found motherless,” said Buffy Martin-Tarbox, a spokeswoman for the Peninsula Humane Society, in an email to the Review.

“They didn’t have any obvious signs of poor health or injuries, so we actually think they were not rejected by their mother, but perhaps something happened to the mother and they were orphaned.”

Now about 6 weeks old, the weasels are reportedly doing well in the Humane Society’s Wildlife Care Center, where they are being fed a diet of mother’s milk replacement mixed with canned kitten food. They are expected to be released somewhere back in Half Moon Bay in about a month, Martin-Tarbox noted on Thursday.

Weasels are nocturnal mammals and active hunters that will prey on a variety of smaller animals from insects to gophers to cottontails.

Because they are primarily active at night, weasels are rarely observed by humans, according to the center.

Though they are native to the Bay Area, the Wildlife Care Center has reportedly only played host for one other weasel since it opened in 1970.

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