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Coastsiders have long considered the impact of a traffic signal at Highway 1 and Terrace Avenue. That plan is nearer to reality now.

The Half Moon Bay City Council last week formally accepted $8.4 million from the San Mateo County Transportation Authority to complete safety and roadway upgrades that will expand Highway 1’s four lanes up north to Grandview Boulevard by the end of 2024. 

The capital project known as the Highway 1 Safety and Operational Improvements Project North could take 18 months to complete starting in summer 2023. The $10.8 million development involves extending part of the four-lane highway north to Grandview Boulevard with improved turning lanes, landscaped medians, and green infrastructure. It will also extend the Eastside Parallel Trail from Main Street to Spindrift Way, build four pedestrian crossings and give bus stops better ADA-compliant access.

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Another example how the city is out of its league. This should 100% be a roundabout there not another traffic light. There is plenty of room to put a roundabout in and keep the traffic flowing. Yet another missed opportunity by the city.

And while I'm on my soapbox when are they going to fix the footbridge portion of the bridge? I'm waiting for someone to break their ankle or file an ADA complain against the city.


Considering that this project started in 2004 maybe you could loan your time machine to the City so they could go back in time to change it to a roundabout.

Zack B

An efficient traffic circle is 150-200 feet in diameter. Highway 1 in HMB is about 50 feet wide not including the shoulders. Widening Highway 1 [an additional lane each way] might require only 50 feet.


I’ve lived Coastside for 12 years and, during that time, have spent a year driving in Ireland and Holland. Traffic circles work. They’d work here.

Another Concerned Citizen

There is a lot of misunderstanding here.

1. Yes many people on Terrace Avenue opposed the traffic light because they thought (wrongly) that if they killed the light they would kill Pacific Ridge. But many people on the other three streets in the same neighborhood fought long and hard to get the light.

2. The Hwy 1-Terrace intersection is much more dangerous than other Eastside intersections because (a) there is a left turn out lane that is constantly used as a left turn in lane, resulting in two cars in the same space at the same time, and (b) there is an unsignalized left turn out egress from a very nearby street on the West side where the people have to cross four lanes of traffic, meaning they come out like bats out of heck going straight at the Terrace intersection, and they are hard to see from Terrace. I have seen two accidents there myself, and have narrowly missed being hit more times than I can count. The light will save lives.

3. Roundabouts may be trendy in some circles but they are not possible here. The light was the subject of a long and expensive study and has been approved by city contract, the Coastal Commission, Caltrans and other authorities. The underground work for the project is already being done--have you notice the work and equipment around Terrace recently? It is legally and practically impossible to switch to a roundabout at this point.

4. This is probably unnecessary, but I will also point out that most Americans are not familiar with roundabouts, and putting one in there would cause confusion and, yes, more accidents.

The light is a done deal, and I for one am grateful to finally get it.

John Charles Ullom

"Roundabouts may be trendy in some circles but they are not possible here."

I see what you did there. Too funny!! Not true. Not logical. Sort of insulting to the driving skills of Americans. Actually dumb in a clever sort of way.

Roundabouts, circles, get it?


Great decision to widen Highway One! Congratulations! Does that mean the $2.4 million dollars that was extracted from the developer for approving this intersection is being returned for its intended purpose? Because documents I've read state that the city snatched this money and put it in their yet-to-be-approved lot retirement program(the LUP first must be amended) to snatch or what the city calls retire the Gearings families lots.


There were 2 separate contributions from Pacific Ridge - one for the stoplight and one for the Coastal Commission's requirement for lot retirement. The City could not repurpose either without the approval of the Court because it was a Court approved settlement agreement. But nice try at a conspiracy drama.

Dan Stegink

09/13/2022 Item 16E

SMC removes williamson act agricultural protections on five

Hwy 1 @ Higgins Canyon (both North & South of Higgins)

Hwy 1 @ Miramontes & Hwy 1 (South of Miramontes)

PLN 2021-00381

16(E) County removed Williamson Act agricultural protections on

APN 065210090, 065210220,065210240,065370200(APN not avail), 064370070

This is likely indicative of future development plans.

Find Map parcels by APN



Consider roundabouts.

Zack B

The Terrace Avenue wedge becomes the Grandview wedge and nothing changes. Highway one needs to be widened from North Main Street to Cypress Avenue, Moss Beach where a traffic circle could be installed. A traffic light at Terrace might be a pain, but like the other subdivisions on the east side of the highway, there is only one way out.

0x Anon

Badly needed! As is, kids get dropped off by the bus west of the 1, and have to run through traffic that is merging and going 55 with no crosswalk or lights. This is a blight to HMB and I am glad they made a big plan for this that includes extending the bike trail and expanding the road.

Demo Dave

I agree with the roundabouts, why doesn't half Moon Bay get into the 21st century? They are much more efficient than the archaic stop light.

Cid Young

Another signal? A traffic light there will simply grind traffic in that area to a snail’s creep rather than the usual crawl. WHY wasn’t a Round-A-Bout even considered there? Also: per the first sentence of the article it is NOT 4 lanes now. Q: HMB City Council, how about spending some money on Traffic Planning first, before taking the first kneejerk reaction and slapping yet another traffic signal up to further frustration, congestion and increase #hmbgridlock ? HMB “cheaps out” again, l guess.

John Charles Ullom

"It will also extend the Eastside Parallel Trail from Main Street to Spindrift Way, build four pedestrian crossings and give bus stops better ADA-compliant access."

Those are good things!!

Kevin J

Such efficiency

Greg b

We moved from Pasadena to HMB several years ago for obvious reasons. The reasons are becoming less obvious

John Gruver

A traffic light at Terrace? What an idiotic plan. PUT IN A ROUNDABOUT!!!

Don Pettengill

YES !!! Roundabouts control traffic yet improve flow and allow safe left turns … most traffic lights here should be replaced with roundabouts.


The current plan was devised in 2004 and is now planned for completion in 2024. Start a new plan for a roundabout and wait another 20 years? Brilliant!


What do you expect from this city council?


The San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA), City-County Association of Governments (CCAG), Caltrans and the California Coastal Commission have a whole lot more to say about what happens to highways than the City does. Roundabouts are not going to be cheaper or faster than stoplights to take through the planning and funding cycle.

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