San Gregorio

A person reportedly responsible for an armed carjacking in Santa Cruz Thursday night is still at large and could be in San Gregorio, the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office reported Friday.

The car was located early Friday morning at Seaside School Road and Stage Road in San Gregorio, said San Mateo County Sheriff’s spokesman Sal Zuno.

The suspect reportedly "brandished a firearm at the victim and stole his vehicle," the Sheriff's Office reported, before heading into San Mateo County where deputies spotted the suspect by Pescadero Creek Road. Deputies then lost sight of the suspect but the vehicle was later located at the San Gregorio location. 

Zuno said only a handful of households reside in the area and each was contacted and told to stay inside.

The car has been secured and the Santa Cruz Police Department deputies are continuing their search.

A San Mateo County Alert that went out just after 9 a.m. Friday morning said the suspect was still at large but "does not appear to pose a threat to the community." 

Check back for updates. 

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It appears that the advertisement has overlapped the comments, so here is some of the report:

The recovered stolen car is a 2015 Lexus RCF Coupe.
The suspect was described as a White Male Adult approx. 20-25 years.
The suspect had a bandana covering his face.
He was wearing a baseball hat, black jacket and jeans.
The suspect may have been associated with another car seen in the area at the time of the carjacking.
That vehicle is described as a black 4 door sedan similar in appearance to a Toyota Prius.

Hopefully most of this is readable.


Thanks to Clay and Carina and their sheer determination, we now have received some info on the matter and suspect: file:///Users/georgemuteff/Library/Containers/

I would like to thank both Clay and Carina for their efforts and results to date. It seems they have not received what I'd call a responsive approach from LE on this, which is unfortunate because this matter still hangs over our heads with no resolution known.

All that aside, we now have the SCPD report from the 7th, which does provide us with more than we had to date. We still don't know if the suspect has been captured. It appears not, yet, but we don't know that so stay aware folks.

Thanks once more to both Clay (who sent me this info) and Carina who finally got it after much effort.


San Mateo County Sheriff’s spokesman Sal Zuno may want to be a little more thoughtful and careful when speaking on behalf of the San Mateo Sheriff's office to those that fund county law enforcement. A little more sensitivity and a better apparent knowledge of the community would be appreciated.

From this piece: Zuno said only a handful of households reside in the area and each was contacted and told to stay inside." "... only a handful of households ..." Really? How big are Zuno's hands? Further, I'm one of those "handful of households" and I was Not contacted. Nor was just about anyone else I know around here.

Thursday night, at approximately 11:25 PM, I heard a helicopter circling above. I watched that helicopter circle San Gregorio, the coast and down to Pescadero repeatedly. I had no idea what was going on as all I could see was the chopper, flood light occasionally on, circle and hover and circle ... all night long. They were obviously looking for someone.

A family member drove by the San Gregorio Store at approximately 11:30 and was stopped by over 30 law enforcement vehicles, until she was guided by a flashlighted deputy through the narrow opening to 84.

After finally getting ahold of dispatch, all we were told was that LE was looking for someone who escaped from prison and might be armed and to stay indoors. That was it! No fixed number of suspects, no description, no notification, nothing more.

That chopper was still hovering at 8:00 AM the following morning, so I went to the store to get info around 8:45 AM. There were about a dozen LE vehicles there (mostly SMC Sheriff's), an ambulance, a couple of fire vehicles and a SWAT Hummer on steroids ... it was huge, in camp and filled with LE in full battle gear!

I was told at the time that the stolen vehicle had been found and secured, but no trace of the (intimating a single individual) hijacker from Santa Cruz - and that they were done looking and leaving.

I would remind Zuno that the population of the south coast is a lot more than a "handful", and further, a much better level of communication from LE and the County would be very much appreciated should we repeat something like this in the future. There were (and still are, for that matter) more than a "handful" of nervous residents.

Closure on this would be nice to know. Have 'they' found this guy yet (assuming it is one person)? I've heard everything from he was shot and killed to what guy? Residents don't like being kept in the dark.

Thank you.

I am very glad and comforted that the response was what it was. I would appreciate more info at the time, though.


There is a description:
"... white and between 20-25 years old. He was wearing a baseball hat, black jacket, jeans, and a bandana over his face."

Clay Lambert Staff
Clay Lambert

Thank you. None of that was available to us despite repeated calls to Santa Cruz on Friday.

Haystack Calhoun

Thank you for the update.

Unlike Samuel L. Jackson, was your wish fulfilled?

Haystack Calhoun

Here's a clue: Similar to the reason the Review does not provide names of those arrested for non-felony crimes in the police blotter.

Self-censorship in the name of


For the rest of us not part of the "all of us" who supposedly know why they didn't release a description ... can you enlighten us. why didn't they?


if they release a description, someone will complain about profiling, or racism, or sexism, or invasion of privacy, or something.

bigsea 940

$11,000+ per hour for 1 flying at least 3 different times over the area between last night and today, at least 12 county vehicles with varying personel from a swat team to a crisis negotiation unit,
at least 1 armored vehicle ala
several command motorhomes, a few ambulances and at least 25 men.
According to my sources perhaps a coroner as well, and all left promptly before 9AM
This carjacking must have been the most spectacular on record, and adding it up, how much $$$$$$$ to not catch a suspect , 25x400+ 11,000x3 minimum+ swat vehicles ambulances command post vehicles etc,
well all tallied, probably more than $100,000 to not get their suspect, no description, friends and relations may be at risk, and they say the threat is still imminent?
something the sheriff isn't saying or whatnot
Not an officer in sight according to my sources

bigsea 940

Is there a suspect description?

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