Coastside Fire Protection District Director Karen Anderson is resigning from the board, less than a year after winning her seat in a successful recall election.

Anderson first announced her departure at a fire board meeting last week. Her resignation took effect on Tuesday.

Anderson was one of three challengers who ran against sitting fire board members last year in a recall election. The election grew out of unhappiness with the board majority’s decision to sever ties with Cal Fire in favor of creating a stand-alone district.

Anderson said she was still interested in local fire politics, but thought it necessary to leave her seat for medical reasons. She was experiencing back problems, and her doctor was recommending she limit the time she remained seated, she said.

The fire board could organize a special election to fill Anderson’s seat, but board members are expected to appoint a replacement themselves. In the coming weeks, the fire district will likely advertise the vacant board position and ask anyone interested to apply.

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