Montara Hotel

A developer says there isn't enough hotel space in Montara and hopes his proposal will serve tourists looking for a coastal retreat. Illustration courtesy San Mateo County

A new three-story, 22-room hotel planned for Montara will come forward for public comment at a workshop next week.

Aaron’s Inn, set to occupy the parcel behind Gherkin’s on Main Street in Montara, would replace two existing homes on the block with 20,603 square feet of rooms and an underground garage.

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Good point coastside.

I’d even settle for Cal Trans’s ‘make shift with temporary blinking light and hardly visible crosswalk’ though not one of their crowning achievements however, something is better than nothing....


While it will wonderful to see the property improved upon, the impact of a 22 unit motel in a residential neighborhood certainly requires careful consideration. As mentioned, light, noise, parking & traffic will be issues we should hear more about and I certainly hope that Mr McGregor gives it the same consideration he would if this were being built on the block where he lives.


Spot on SMR


In regard to a 7th street painted cross walk and blinking light similar to Moss Beach I’ve been told that the Planning Department and Cal Trans disagrees.Seems rather short sided.


Aaron McGregor was one of my best childhood friends. Paul has every right to build on his owned land. The McGregor family have been residents of Montara more than a quarter century. This is not some multi-millionaire corporate developer, but a family who's house I grew up in. Dedicating the name to his late son who was a stronghold in the young community only further concretes the pending existence of this hotel. Montara Beach and Gray Whale Cove have been bringing unprecedented numbers of tourists, but there isn't any infrastructure in Montara to capture some of that tourist money. Homeowners will be happy with their increased property value as Montara becomes even a minuscule point on the map versus the nothing that it is. Never Forget Aaron McGregor.


That's fair. Dan's Motel was a cool spot. I'd rather have people staying over night than the day trippers driving drunk. However tourism is a free rider and we need to start charging for parking. The bluffs are one big ugly parking lot.


Mr McGregor has every right to build on his property also the same applies to Montara residents in regard to size,parking,lighting,noise levels and design.

One of my main concerns is 7th street and highway 1.

In regard to Seventh Street & highway 1 is not the contractor’s issue rather the Planning department’s and support from the Midcoast Council.

Seventh Street is the only safe place to cross the highway in Montara. it provides good visibility when crossing.

I think if a hotel is going to be built we should provide a well defined crosswalk and a blinking light or sign that indicates a crossing. it’s the responsible thing to do especially for our tourists and those who live in the community.


The intersection would be a great deal safer if the parking area along Highway 1 between 6th and 7th was blocked with signage indicating parking access via Main Street. Egress and ingress at Sam's Chowder House is a nightmare, a taste of the future for Montara and Montara has an alternative safer access that will not hurt the shops on that block.

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