Making a statement
Muralist Steve Anderson sketches the outline for the "Black Lives Matter" mural on the side of City Hall on Thursday. The mural is being painted after City Council heard a request from local citizens. Adam Pardee / Review

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"All Black Lives Matter!"

But there just wasn't enough space...

Tyler Durden

How about "Palestinian Lives Matter" too?

August West

This is gonna be hilarious. I cannot wait for the opportunity to make memes out of this.

The pandering and virtue signaling is off the charts.


This #BlackLivesMatter mural is to be symbolic of our community's love, inclusiveness and equity.

Enormously proud of our community and our commitment to anti-racism.

August West


uhhh... okayyy

Scott McVicker

So this is the location. Ok. Let's see how much space is taken. Will this be a one-mural-at-a-time location, or will this be a collage area? There are all manner of equally important messages which deserve display.

John Charles Ullom

Strange times. The BLM mural gets lots of play but the shooting in the back of a woman with her hands above her head by the police is ignored. Next week, the DA has agreed to answer questions about how Sandra Harmon came to receive three fatal shots in her back from a Deputy who supposedly failed to activate both his Body Cam and his Dash Cam.

If Sandra wasn't White, would the video of her being shot three times in the back while her hands were above her head rate as much ink as a story about a mural?

How about you? Does it matter to you that Sandra Harmon was shot three times in the back by the police?

uffish thought

Let's not forget the other local police shooting:

Yanira was brandishing a knife but was physically handicapped and some distance away when a deputy killed her too. So, two shootings, both questionable, both killed women.

Next up on the HMB Political Wall:


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