Living inside a pumpkin
A surfer makes his way along Montara beach on Wednesday morning. The skies in the Bay Area were a palette of oranges as smoke from fires throughout the region obscure the sun. Photo courtesy Mark Verlander

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Scott McVicker

What might an ancient tribesman thought of such a day? What has happened to the sun? Would he have gone to visit his tribe's leader for answers? That leader probably didn't know...but formed an answer to calm his/her subjects. Maybe an offering was to be made. Then in a few days when the skies naturally cleared, faith in the leader was reinforced.

The takeaway: It is all about appearances.

We really haven't come so far. Situations which evoke fear based on ignorance are still with us. How is that pandemic coming along?


The Spanish explorers cruising by in their sailing ships noticed the indigenous peoples of the Coastside, the Spanish referred to as "Coastanoans" annually set fire to the grassland of the marine terrace and chaparral. The purpose was to facilitate hunting and seed gathering, but the practice had the added benefit of controlling the wildland fuel loads.

Can't really say European descendants are more enlightened as far as wildland and wildland urban interface fuel load management or respecting other peoples.

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