The middle school years are especially formative for the minds and bodies of children. Such dramatic changes can be challenging, especially if parents don’t know what could be considered normal behavior during this period. 

Sea Crest School is hosting a free session for parents of middle schoolers from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday to help families sort it all out. The parents attending the “Understanding Your Middle School Child” event will be offered strategies, tips and take- home tools to help their kids navigate this time of change in their adolescent lives. 

The director of Sea Crest’s middle school, Holly Weaver, will be facilitating the discussion. Though it’s her first year as director, Weaver brings roughly 20 years of education experience to the table. Weaver notes that middle schoolers undergo dramatic changes in brain development and that those changes can be as challenging for children as they are for parents. 

“I talk a lot about what is happening in the brain, why middle school is such a significant time in a child’s development,” Weaver explained, “In fact, outside (age) 0-1, it’s the biggest and most important growth that you go through as a person, and we’re talking body, brain, social and emotional.”

At its foundation, this hourlong session is a way for parents to connect with educational experts who can help explain why middle schoolers behave the way they do. That alone can be a comfort.

“A big part for me is educating families,” Weaver said. “When I get parents coming in, it’s because often they don’t know what is normal, and they’re fearful. And part of it is getting parents to understand, know what’s normal and give them some tools, so we’re all working in partnership.”

Sea Crest School is located at 901 S. Arnold Way in Half Moon Bay. For details, call 712-9892.

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