Weighty subjects dominate the news and airwaves these days. When times are tough we unpaid humor columnists do the only thing we can: write a parody of a popular song.

(Sung by Nancy Pelosi, to the tune of “Unforgettable.”)


That’s what you are?


You’re too bizarre.

Like a cloud of smog that clings to us,

That’s how all you’re doing stinks to us.

Never before

Has someone been more ...



In every way.


How long you’ve stayed.

That’s why, Donald, it’s insane-able

That someone so unsustainable 

Thinks that he is

Unrestrainable, too.



You have no clue.

You’re collusional,

Obstructive, too.

You think that you’re indispensable,

‘Cause the option’s (ugh!) Mike Pence-able 

See you in court,

With Mueller’s Report …



That’s what you say? 

But on some fine day

You’ll go away.

I guess, Donald, you’re unreachable —

How can someone so unbeseechable

Think that he is

Unimpeachable, too?

The opinions expressed in this song are not necessarily those of the Speaker of the House, this paper, any of the 24 (so far) Democratic presidential candidates, or louie@hmbreview.com.

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