Daniel W. Mitchell, of Half Moon Bay, and Henry True J. Barnes, of Montara, both fisheries and wildlife sciences majors at Oregon State, made the university’s honor roll. Half Moon Bay’s Meilani R. Bolding, a sophomore studying general engineering, also made the honor roll.

Mackenzie Koenig-Zanoff and Isabel Muirragui, also of Half Moon Bay, made the University of Delaware dean's list for the spring 2020 semester.

Kacey Christine Roche, of Half Moon Bay, was named to the Clemson University dean's list. She is a psychology major.

Erica Boyd, of Montara, and Victor Altamirano, of Half Moon Bay, were both named to the Rochester Institute of Technology dean’s list.


Thomas J. Sayre, of Half Moon Bay, received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Williams College.

Veronica Alberts, of Half Moon Bay, received a bachelor’s degree in marketing communication from Emerson College.

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