Caltrans will conduct crosswalk safety review   

Caltrans Public Information Officer Jeff Weiss said Caltrans will conduct a routine safety review of a controversial crosswalk in Moss Beach. 

“We want to go out there and monitor this crosswalk to see if it meets the current standards or should be upgraded,” Weiss said. 

Weiss said Caltrans has received many calls about the project. The Midcoast Community Council has discussed the crosswalk at its last two meetings and will vote on a letter to Caltrans on Sept. 25.

While many in the area bemoan the lack of a safe way to get across the busy road, some think the hastily constructed crosswalk merely creates a false sense of security for pedestrians.


Traffic enforcement planned today 

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office is planning to step up pedestrian safety enforcement today, Sept. 25, in Half Moon Bay. The effort is focusing on collision-causing factors involving motorists and pedestrians.

These traffic patrols will focus efforts on areas of Main Street and Highway 92. Special attention will be directed toward drivers speeding, making illegal turns, failing to stop for signs and signals, or failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Additionally, deputies will be watching pedestrians to see that they don’t cross the street illegally or fail to yield to drivers who have the right of way. Pedestrians should cross the street only in marked crosswalks or at corners.

The Sheriff’s Office stated this will be one of several enforcement details scheduled to address pedestrian crosswalk violations.


Longtime HMB employee retires 

As an employee of the city of Half Moon Bay for 30 years, Caroline Weigandt worked in just about every department. After a lengthy career, she announced on Sept. 17 her retirement from public service.  

“She’s been known to go the extra mile and was a warm face as she was often the first interaction with the public before they met with city staff,” said City Manager Bob Nisbet. 

Weigandt was honored in 2012 as a finalist in the California On-Location Awards for facilitating the city’s relationship with the filmmakers behind the production of “Chasing Mavericks.” 

“I want to thank you all so much. I love Half Moon Bay, it’s where I live, where I raised my kids, and my parents live here,” Weigandt said then. “This is just such a wonderful honor.” 

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