Median cleanup day

Granada Community Services District is hosting a cleanup day on Avenue Balboa, the Alameda and Avenue Cabrillo medians from 9 to 11 a.m. on Saturday. 

The GCSD recommends bringing gloves, but will provide trash and dog waste bags. There also will be prizes for the most trash collected. 

Volunteers will meet on Saturday at the median on Avenue Alhambra and Avenue Balboa in El Granada. 


Jetty ramp location finalized

The Granada Community Services District selected a new location for the skate ramp called “Jetty Ramp.” The ramp that sits on Caltrans property across from Surfer’s Beach was built in 2011, and Caltrans threatened to remove it earlier this year. 

Five months later, after many well-attended meetings with members of the skating community, the GCSD has decided to move the ramp about 50 feet from where it now sits, onto GCSD property. Board President Matthew Clark said the new location was chosen because it was most popular with residents.  

Volunteers will donate their time and vehicles to move the ramp. Clark said the work will take a few weeks. 


Walking, biking tour offered

Residents hoping to learn more about the current and future updates to the Coastal Trail are invited to join members of the Half Moon Bay Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee on a walking tour.

Committee members and city staff will provide information and answer questions. The tour will start at 5 p.m. on Sept. 5 from the Poplar Beach parking lot. It will be a total of 1.5 miles of walking, so people are encouraged to wear appropriate shoes and to bring a reusable water bottle. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.


Tech misidentifies lawmakers

State Sen. Jerry Hill was one of 26 state lawmakers whose photo was mistakenly matched to images in an arrest photo database, according to a test of facial recognition technology by the ACLU of California.

The results come as the Legislature is considering a bill that would prohibit law enforcement from adding the technology to body-worn cameras. Studies have shown that the software is less accurate when scanning images of women and people of color. San Francisco and Oakland have banned law enforcement’s use of the technology.

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