Just as the lead character, Seymour, in “Little Shop of Horrors” hoped to bring Audrey II back to life, the students at Half Moon Bay High hope to resuscitate the school musical after a two-year hiatus.

“It feels incredible to be back,” gushes Tom Galvin, a new teacher at Half Moon Bay High School and director of the “Little Shop of Horrors” spring musical. “All I’ve heard about the musicals here are how fantastic they are and how supportive the community is — and just how much fun the students have.”

Galvin joined Half Moon Bay High School in 2021 in the midst of the global pandemic.

“Nothing happened last year on stage,” Galvin said. “I have directed musicals in the past. There is definitely something different about this. There is an energy everywhere about it. I am excited to be getting the school back on the stage.”

As with everything, COVID-19 has brought changes to the musical’s production. Half Moon Bay High School junior Anath Marin, who plays Audrey, says it’s a smaller show this year. She said there are fewer featured roles than usual. “And we have actual understudies now,” she said. “We’re being very safe about it.

“We have had to deal with missed rehearsals due to positive COVID tests and close-contact-tracing,” Gavin said. “There were a lot of interruptions, especially when we came back from break as omicron was building. We ended up starting rehearsal a whole week later than we planned to, so it’s been a lot of lost time.”

After putting in countless hours of rehearsals, the students are excited to see the fruits of their labor. Half Moon Bay High School senior Austin Yeakley, who is the understudy for Audrey II, said he’s looking forward to the opening.

“I’m looking forward to the crowd and seeing their reactions to all of the hard work we’re putting into this,” he said. “Every day throughout the week we’re putting in so much time and effort. It will be great to see everyone’s reactions and see them enjoying the show.”

Despite all of the challenges they have had to face, Galvin and the cast are confident they have a hit on their hands this year. “I'm most looking forward to the applause,” said Marin. “It's nice to see all of your hard work appreciated.”

Opening night is March 25 and the show will run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for two consecutive weeks. Tickets can be purchased on the Half Moon Bay High School website, hmbhs.cabrillo.k12.ca.us.

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