As part of a multiyear, statewide energy policy in California, Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Peninsula Clean Energy will move approximately 200,000 eligible residential electric customers currently on a tiered rate plan called E-1 to a time-of-use rate plan in September 2021.

That means customers will pay more during peak hours of 4 to 9 p.m. every day.

The transition will occur by geographical region and affect approximately 2.5 million customers in PG&E’s service area, in stages, through 2022. Customers in San Mateo County will receive a series of notifications by mail starting this month to allow time to make a choice if they prefer another rate plan. Customers can choose another rate plan at any time.

Customers are encouraged to shift some energy use to times when rates are lower, demand is lower, and renewable resources, like solar and wind power, are most plentiful.

All California investor-owned electric utilities are required to automatically transition customers to the time-of-use rate plan to support a cleaner, healthier and more reliable energy grid. PG&E does not profit from this change. Customers can choose an alternate rate plan, including the tiered rate plan, at any time. Customers enrolled in the Medical Baseline program will not be part of the automatic transition.

“By encouraging energy use when solar generation is most abundant, this rate plan change will allow our customers to assert more control over meeting the aggressive clean power goals they desire and which we have been setting in place,” Peninsula Clean Energy CEO Jan Pepper said. “This nicely complements the track record of Peninsula Clean Energy and other community-based providers that are at the forefront of offering affordable and reliable emission-free power before it is too late to mitigate the most harmful effects of climate change.”

If a customer pays more on the time-of-use rate plan than they would have on their current rate plan, PG&E and Peninsula Clean Energy will automatically credit the customer the difference for the first year.

For more information about the transition to time-of-use rates and Bill Protection eligibility, customers can visit and

To view a customized rate plan comparison, customers can visit their account online at Call 1 (866) 743-7945 for answers and help choosing a rate plan.

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