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A new mural outside Hatch Elementary School, on the corner of Kelly Avenue and Highway 1, encourages drivers to watch for children and slow down. Adam Pardee / Review

A new student-made mural displayed at the intersection of Highway 1 and Kelly Avenue has a message for drivers: ease off the gas when passing schools.

The 30-by-4-foot mural installed two weeks ago colorfully depicts students crossing the road using everything from bicycles to scooters to skateboards and wheelchairs. It also has a printed message to drive safely written in both English and Spanish.

The district is planning a virtual ribbon-cutting ceremony on Zoom on Thursday. The Cabrillo Unified School District received a grant from the San Mateo County Transportation Authority to be used for its Safe Routes to School’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Mural Project last spring.

The idea for the mural was the result of ongoing parent concerns regarding safety at the busy intersection, according to Safe Routes to School Coordinator Carline Foldenauer.

To create the piece, the district partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside and local artist Ellen Silva, who worked with 14 students from Cunha Intermediate School on the design. Silva and the students began work in October, but due to safety protocols, they had to first discuss and sketch ideas over Zoom before bringing two students at a time to the school to paint the mural. Foldenauer said it was important for the mural to be written English and Spanish with just over half of the district’s students identifying as Latino.

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