Jackie Nabor knows her life will be different in the fall. She’s graduating from the comfort of Pescadero High School and traveling out of her comfort zone entirely.

“I’m going to California State University, Northridge,” she says with a smile so big you can see it through her mask. “I’m excited to leave.”

The difference between the San Mateo County coast and the Greater Los Angeles area could hardly be more stark.

“This town, even though it’s small and cramped and full of gossip, compared to the city, it’s (comforting),” she said. “The city is so scary.”

Nabor has a complicated relationship with her hometown. And she is honest in saying the past year has been difficult. For one thing, she lost her food service job for months in the early days of the pandemic and says the financial strain was stressful. While she can’t wait to get started on her adult life, she also relishes her eventual return.

“I want to come back here and have children who can experience the same things I have experienced, but hopefully in a more economically stable way,” she said in the days before graduation. “I’ve always hated it here, but, now that I’m leaving, I know I’m really going to miss it.”

Nabor says her education has always been her priority. She has big dreams that germinated at home and now she plans to nurture them in a new educational environment. The first step is studying political science at CSU-Northridge.

“I hope to be a lawyer,” she said with great confidence. An immigration lawyer to be exact.

“I want to help the community. Honestly, that has been one of my goals, due to my parents inspiring me to want more.”

— Clay Lambert

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