Sonya Jason will lead a summer solstice ceremony on Friday in Half Moon Bay. Photo courtesy Sonya Jason

Coastside musician and shamanic practitioner Sonya Jason will be leading participants in a ceremony celebrating the summer solstice with a native flute meditation and drum journey. The ceremony takes place at 6:30 p.m. on Friday at Pardini’s Nursery, 410 Prospect Way, in Half Moon Bay. 

This is the first time Jason has offered this ceremony on the Coastside.

Jason practiced Buddhist meditation for more than 30 years before embracing the ancient spiritual path of shamanism.

“I wanted to have a different connection with spirits and share this with other people,” she said. “Shamanism is the study of spirits in nature. It is a new way of seeing the world that is valuable for our planet and for people seeking a spirituality that is not religious.” 

Jason is also a professional musician and has made her living as a jazz saxophonist, recording artist and educator since 1985. During the ceremony, Jason will play native flutes hand-crafted by artisan Guillermo Martinez, allowing peaceful time for meditation. Then Jason will play a frame drum to lead participants in a journeying meditation.

“The steady rhythm of the drum is called a sonic driver,” she said. “It can help move consciousness to the unseen realm.”

Jason says that the summer solstice is an important time of year in many spiritual practices and cultures around the world. “It is the longest day of the year, the time when we get the most energy from the sun,” she said. “It is also a time of transition, as the days begin to get shorter.”

Participants do not need to know anything about shamanism or meditation to enjoy the ceremony, she said.

“This will be very accessible. I will be sharing information and guiding the journey.” 

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased online at 

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