Local Girl Scout Troop 61952 showed its thanks to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Coastside patrol bureau by delivering cookies donated by local customers during this year's Girl Scout cookie sales.

Avi Bodmann, Isabella Shick and Gabrielle Shea Wong, of Troop 61952, sold 3,997 boxes this year, of which 314 were donated through the Girl Scouts “Care to Share” program. The program allows customers to purchase boxes of cookies, which the troop then donates. This year's donations were designated for “hometown heroes.”

“We’re doing this because they do so much for us, and I don’t think we really stop to appreciate it,” Shick said on April 21 as the Girl Scouts made their deliveries.

“We wanted to show we are grateful for them,” said Wong. The Scouts decided that in addition to the boxes of cookies donated by customers, they would make a donation to a local food bank at Coastside Hope by purchasing food from the proceeds that the troop earned from selling cookies.

After dropping the cookies off to deputies, the troop went to Safeway to purchase food to donate.

“These are all cookies that people donated and we’re just a channel to deliver them; it’s really our population on the coast. It’s amazing,” said Lisa Shick, troop leader.

The 25 Girl Scouts on the Coastside managed to sell 11,661 boxes this year, 1,023 of which were in the form of “Care to Share” to donate locally.

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