The holidays are a time of giving, and many kind-hearted and generous people feel compelled to donate their time and money to a good cause this time of year.

That is well and good, and many local charities are happy to have the help in December. It’s important to remember, however, that these community resources need help all year long.

One of those “good causes” on the coast is the regular La Sala dinners, which feed area farmworkers. The dinners come to mind because Puente, which sponsors the gatherings every Sunday at Pescadero Community Church, is hosting a special Christmastime version of the meal this Sunday.

Puente Program Director Vicente Lara said there is a full slate of volunteers for this Sunday’s dinner. About 10 people will bring food and serve what are expected to be about two dozen area farmworkers. Those taking part in the meal might not have hot food and companionship on a Sunday if not for the program.

Organizers say that the food and fellowship are equally important. While the program has all the help it needs this week, there is no doubt that it could use a helping hand in the new year.

To learn more about this unique Coastside program, and to extend your holiday spirit into 2020, contact Lara at or call (650) 262-7080.

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