Santa Cruz musician Scott Cooper recalls driving along Highway 84, en route to a local gig, puzzling over a melody he had written but for which he had no lyrics. Then inspiration struck.

“As I drove up 84, everything came to me,” he said.

What came to him turned into the song, “Ghosts of La Honda,” about a town that “seems to transcend time and people.” The song with its lively, toe-tapping, pop-flavored rock, speckled with guitar riffs, can be found on the album “Scott Cooper and the Barrelmakers.” That is a play on words: traditionally, a cooper is a barrel-maker.

Cooper the musician is no stranger to the Coastside, having performed regularly here either solo or with his band at Alice’s Restaurant, Apple Jack’s, The Pescadero Store and La Honda fair.

You can check out the song at

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