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Jagger the golden doodle has fans far beyond the Coastside, where he lives with the Nisbet family. Photo courtesy Cathya Nisbet

With his sandy light brown coat and fluffy mane, Jagger, a standard golden doodle, is hard to miss when he is walking around Half Moon Bay. The 7-year-old dog not only turns heads on local trails, he is a hit on social media, where he has thousands of followers. 

Owned by Half Moon Bay City Manager Bob Nisbet and his wife, Cathya, Jagger has 34,000 followers on Instagram. His account first took off in 2015 when Cathya Nisbet began using the platform as a place to post pictures of her dog. 

“We had just moved to Oakland at the time and we took him everywhere,” she said. “It created a sense of community since we had other friends who had the same type of dog.” 

Beyond just posting cute photos with Jagger, Cathya used the account to help raise money for several nonprofits. Three years ago, after the wildfires in the North Bay, she used the account to ask people to donate toward the Humane Society’s efforts to help pets that were displaced. Every year since, Cathya selects a different organization focused on animal welfare. In total she estimates she was able to raise about $5,000 for three local charities. While the account started as a fun hobby, Cathya now uses it to promote Jagger’s work as a therapy dog. 

Jagger is a certified therapy dog with the San Francisco SPCA and helps people with stress relief. He frequently makes visits to private homes, San Francisco International Airport, and schools. 

“Since he was little, he’s always loved people, so this is a perfect job for him,” Cathya said. 

Jagger recently celebrated a birthday with a dog-themed party at Old Princeton Landing. The celebration featured treats and cake, and Jagger even wore a pair of beach shorts. Jagger’s “dad” has an important role at City Hall, so Cathya said he doesn’t frequently make visits to see him. “It would be too distracting,” she said. 

To follow the adventures of Jagger he can be found on Instagram @jaggerdwagger.

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