The Cabrillo Unified School District is searching for local hosts to house six Amity interns next school year. These recent university graduates from Spanish-speaking countries will gain teaching experience at Hatch Elementary School and Cunha Intermediate School while sharing their native language and culture with students and the Half Moon Bay community.

Leigh Ann Koelsch has hosted three Amity interns. 

“I think it is a chance for a little piece of the world to come to you,” she said. “It has helped my kids be more open to people.”

Her family particularly bonded with their second intern, David Jiménez Martín from Spain.

Martín was eager to get actively involved with the kids, jumping on the trampoline, playing Legos and having Nerf gun battles. He also spoke very little English, which forced the kids to use the language skills they were learning in the Spanish immersion program.

“David became like a member of our family,” she said. “Having a Spanish speaker in the house made my son realize why it’s useful to learn a language.”

Host families needn’t have kids in the immersion program. Koelsch said that one family with kids at Farallone View Elementary School heard about the program and offered to host. Some empty-nesters opened up their home while their kids were away at college. 

“They just need to have a separate bedroom and provide three meals a day,” she said.

Hosts sign up for a five-month commitment, either mid-August to mid-January or mid-January to mid-June. Those interested in hosting should contact Erika Whitemore at (650) 703-6756 or  

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