A student-driven movement known as the “One of a Kindness Campaign” has launched at Half Moon Bay High School. Its mission is to spread love and compassion to all.

Principal John Nazar created the group with the intention of building on the efforts of the Health and Wellness Committee and other local initiatives dedicated to creating a positive environment for students to learn and engage at Half Moon Bay High School. More than 20 students chose to join the group.

“I think it’s important. … I think the world is in need of a lot of kindness. It seemed like a good place to start,” said Micah Warner-Carey, a junior, explaining why he chose to join.

“I always felt I should be taking a bigger role in student affairs,” added John Lichtenberg, another junior and member of the One of a Kindness Campaign.

So far, the One of a Kindness Campaign has put up motivational posters around campus and created its own website. The group also runs its own Twitter @OaKCampaign, which is updated with a “kind act of the day,” including everything from holding open the door for somebody to picking up a piece of trash. In the future, the One of a Kindness Campaign hopes to continue spreading love at Half Moon Bay High School. With the help of broadcasting teacher Patrick Olson, participants hope to create skits demonstrating compassion, empathy and forgiveness. “Mini Challenge Days” and a schoolwide kindness assembly are both in the works. The idea is to give students a chance to be open with one another and build connection all throughout campus.

Additionally, the One of a Kindness Campaign intends to act as a helpful resource for support, encouraging students to meet with counselors or peer helpers.

Parent Scot Weinberger, already active with Half Moon Bay High School’s football program, took on a leading role in the project at Nazar’s request. Emma Hoffman and Julie Baird, both parents, also join the weekly meetings. So far, Weinberger has helped organize and encourage the students involved.

“It’s up to the kids. It’s their charter. They created it. … It was all their effort,” Weinberger said.

In coming years, Nazar hopes to expand the One of a Kindness Campaign throughout Cabrillo Unified, bringing positivity to middle schoolers and elementary students on the coast.

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