For 22 years I’ve been a card-carrying Unpaid Humor Columnist. (OK, it’s a Costco card, but I do carry it.) If there were an Unpaid Humorists Union my salary would be double or even quintuple what it is today.

Last Saturday I met many others who work for free at the first “Volunteer Fair,” organized by Coastside Advocacy and held at the Half Moon Bay Library. It featured contacts and information from 21 nonprofits.   

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart,” wrote Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, author of “Hannah Delivered” and many other books. True to form, several of the people who volunteered to assist the Coastal Literary Arts Movement, which Doug Howatt and I represented at the event, were already active volunteers in other organizations. Another bit of folk wisdom: “If you want to get something done, give it to someone who’s too busy to do it.”

Much of America’s humanitarian, educational and healing work is performed by nonprofits. There are some things the government shouldn’t do, others it should do but doesn’t, and yet others it tries to do but does poorly. Nonprofits fill many of those gaps.

Here are the nonprofits that participated:

- Cabrillo Education Foundation

- Cake4Kids

- Coastal Literary Arts Movement

- Coastal Repertory Theatre

- CoastPride

- Coastside Adult Day Health Center

- Coastside Advocacy

- Coastside Hope

- Coastside Land Trust

- Friends of the Half Moon Bay Library

- Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Bureau

- Immigrant Advocacy Group

- Main Street Scholars

- Pacific Beach Coalition

- SeaHugger

- Senior Coastsiders

- Sheriff’s Activities League, Moonridge Reading Stars

- Sweet Farm

- The HEAL Project

- Village of the Coastside

- Women Who Identify, Recruit and Elect.


For a list of these organizations, please visit and click “Business Directory” then “Nonprofit Organizations”. These organizations’ missions are varied and critical to preserving and improving the quality of life on the Coastside for everyone.

And who’s not in favor of that? asks reader(s) to “have a heart” and take a look at the Chamber’s list of nonprofits. There’s one that can help you, or vice-versa. 

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