Drive through Pumpkin Patch
Grandpa Kevin's Pumpkin Patch on wheels is ready to bring October to your doorstep. August Howell / Review

The customers at Grandpa Kevin’s Pumpkin Patch are in good company.

A handful of children gathered outside Kevin Pringle’s trailer, which was parked in the abandoned Monster Chef Restaurant lot last Friday. It was filled with dozens of pumpkins of various shapes, sizes and colors, and framed with large wooden cutouts of popular fictional characters, including Spider-Man, Homer Simpson and the entire Winnie-the-Pooh cast.

Pringle, a longtime Half Moon Bay resident, has sold locally sourced seasonal goods from rented lots on the Coastside and along the Peninsula for more than 40 years. Typically, Pringle has customers coming to as many as five lots to buy pumpkins. Up until 10 years ago, he sold Christmas trees as well.

Because of the pandemic and not wanting customers to have to travel far to buy pumpkins, Pringle opted to improvise and provide a mobile service that could meet the demand from their homes. With a trailer full of cartoon cutouts and an abundance of pumpkins, Pringle has been doing this semiweekly routine since Sept. 26, when he created a post on Nextdoor advertising the business. Since then, he’s taken requests to go into neighborhoods and public places so people can pick out their gourds.

“This way, I can have this for families, go to their location, in front of their house even,” Pringle said.

Each socially distanced family waits their turn to choose a pumpkin from the trailer. Pringle also sells multicolored corn, straw, cornstalks and carving kits. Until Oct. 31, Grandpa Kevin’s Pumpkin Patch is open for walk-in business on the weekend at The Barn restaurant in Miramar. So far, Pringle has set up shop at various Coastside neighborhoods and public parks, including Moss Beach Park.

For Pringle, the traveling pumpkin patch and his walk-in arrangement at The Barn provide a sense of fun and enjoyment as the holiday season approaches.

“We did one (on Oct. 6) close to my neighborhood and we have about eight families there,” Pringle said. “They walked with their wagons, a couple of people drove and got their chairs out. For a whole hour, people were buying pumpkins. It was great.”

To reserve a visit from Grandpa Kevin, call (650) 703-6996.

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