Making feelings known
Members of the new local group Coastside Families Taking Action make their feelings known with a car procession on the Fourth of July. Photo courtesy Emma Schott 

More than 30 cars adorned with messages related to the Black Lives Matter movement paraded down Highway 1 and Main Street in Half Moon Bay on Saturday afternoon.

The event was called “A Family Caravan — Liberty and Justice for Black Lives” and was organized by Coastside Families Taking Action. The local activist group is focused on empowerment and equity.

More than 100 people turned up on Fourth of July for the group’s first public event. The organization formed just five weeks ago.

In the wake of nationwide protests over racial injustice and police brutality, several members of the Coastside Mothers Club were galvanized to create a practical outlet for those who wanted to see change. Members say they wanted to go beyond sharing information on social media or watching the news.

“The first step of how you become engaged is really difficult to overcome,” co-founder Kate Broderick said. “We want to be that resource where you can immediately click, and here, we’re giving it to you. You can do it here in your own backyard.”

The organization’s website,, links to dozens of nonprofits, podcasts, books and films about race, civil rights and information on supporting marginalized groups. Members have made efforts to have resources and event information in both Spanish and English online.

“We’re trying to put our actions where our mouth is in terms of making it a really inclusive group,” Broderick said. “Because a big portion of the Coastside speaks Spanish, and we want to make this something they can participate in.”

Last month, Coastside Families Taking Action wrote an open letter to the Half Moon Bay City Council after a special law enforcement study session that was open to public comment. The letter expressed the needs on behalf of those who made comments on issues of police harassment and other problems on the Coastside.

“We do have a lot of different things we care about,” said events coordinator Emma Schott. “But the one unifying thing is that we’re focused on the Coastside and how we can take action here, locally, to achieve those goals.”

The group has 80 members so far. Membership is free and meets every other week online. The group wants to be able to channel energy into causes members want to pursue in a practical manner. Broderick expressed that while it was founded by parents, there is certainly room to incorporate younger people as well.

“This is a family organization,” Broderick said. “This was started by parents who were concerned that there wasn’t an immediate response to a lot of issues we’re concerned about and are very timely. We want to create an environment where we have the resources, tools and people available to respond adequately as issues come up.”

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