CUNHA Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Eager Easter egg hunters wait as patiently as possible to run for the treasure scattered on the Cunha Intermediate School soccer field on Saturday. It was a return to normal after earlier accommodations for the pandemic. August Howell / Review

Emma Werner didn’t mince words. At an Easter egg hunt, with so much on the line, she wasn’t messing around.

“I have way more eggs than him,” she said referencing her 6-year-old brother, Owen. Indeed, it looked like Emma, age 4, was busy opening up dozens of eggs filled with an assortment of candies. For his part, Owen found a toy top and spun it with delight on the concrete adjacent to the field.

Easter came early for the siblings, who were among the hundreds who attended the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside’s free Easter Egg Hunt at Cunha Intermediate School on Saturday. The event was a return to the usual festivities for the first time in three years. The hunt was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. Last year the event was segmented with limited capacity and required reservations for a 15-minute time slot on a portion of the field.

“This is the traditional one,” said Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Jill Jacobson as she handed out spare eggs and treats from her “crying kids basket” when the event ended. “Last year we just couldn’t do the same capacity, and some people were really hesitant.”

About 5,000 multicolored eggs dotted Cunha’s soccer fields as kids lined the track eagerly awaiting the countdown. Despite the mountain of eggs, distributed on the field by Boys and Girls Club members and paid for by the Half Moon Bay Parks and Recreation Department, the foraging lasted two minutes tops. Afterward, beaming kids posed for pictures with the Easter Bunny, or rather, another Boys and Girls club member dressed as one. For Emma and Owen, this was their first big hunt at Cunha, having just moved to Half Moon Bay a little more than a year and a half ago.

“They were exploding with anticipation at the starting line,” said their dad, William. “It’s really cool to see this much activity,” said the children's mother, Sarah.

Indeed, when the Boys and Girls Club members gave the signal at 11 a.m. sharp, the field was swarming with kids stuffing their baskets. The field was divided into four sections for ages 1-3, 4-5, 6-8 and 9-11. Six-year-old J.J. Venegas took home 34 eggs, way more than his two younger brothers, he said.

“It was really fun running around with everybody,” Venegas exclaimed.

“It’s just so fun to see everybody outside again,” Jacobson said.

August Howell is a staff writer for the Review covering city government and public safety. Previously, he was the Review’s community, arts and sports reporter. He studied journalism at the University of Oregon.

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Just what the kiddos need!

Thank you to all who made it happen!

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