With hundreds of homes swallowed up in the recent and still ongoing Northern California fires, everyday people are organizing ways to help.

With that in mind, Coastside-based Boy Scout Troop 255 and the staff of Half Moon Bay’s Ink Spell Books are joining forces to collect supplies to help victims of the wildfires.

Specifically, the bookstore will serve as a collection point for supplies to help residents of the area near Middletown in Lake County, which has been devastated by the fire.

The link with the local Boy Scout troop is that one of the young Scouts has grandparents who live in the area, said Ink Spell owner Cindi Whittemore.

She added that, though the fire had come within about 500 yards of their home, the grandparents are all right and their property had been spared the devastation the fire brought to the area. But some of their neighbors are not so lucky, she said. In fact, a former Coastside scout leader lost his family’s home in the blaze.

Set up inside the bookstore, at 500 Purissima St. in Half Moon Bay, is a box for collecting supplies for the people affected by the fire.

Rain gear, flashlights and batteries, blankets, towels, jackets, tents, tarps and canopies, toys and pet supplies, are specifically needed, Whitttemore said.

The supplies will go to a donation center in Lake County, she said.

Ink Spell can be reached at 726-6571.

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