To kick off Black History Month, the Half Moon Bay Library will host Asual Aswad, a Bay Area artist and educator. Using Adinkra symbols, Aswad will teach fabric painting to participants who will create their own designs on what he calls "talking cloths.”

The event runs from 10 to 11 a.m. on Saturday. 

By means of at least six stamp symbols and colors of their own choosing, students will use a layered technique to transform a blank piece of fabric into an original work. Participants can learn about design concepts of symmetry, balance and color while creating their own artwork. 

These Adinkra symbols are believed to have originated in West Africa. They are prominently featured at the African Burial Ground National

Monument in New York City. The oldest excavated burial ground in North America for enslaved and free Africans, it serves as a reminder of the history of slavery on the continent.

According to the National Parks Service, the symbols on the interior and exterior of the monument represent a variety of African cultures

and backgrounds. There are markings for religious inspiration, physical endurance and mental strength and much more. 

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