Coastsider Scott Clemens’ new novel is out, and residents of the Midcoast will recognize the backdrop. “The Seal Cove Theoretical Society” is set in and around Moss Beach and there are nods to such local landmarks as Farallone View Elementary School and Pillar Point Harbor.

The book reveals a cast of neighbors who rally to the aid of one of their own who suffers a near-death experience. They find a Prohibition-era cache of liquor and auction it off in a fit of community that will feel familiar to Coastsiders.

The novel is Clemens’ fourth. He has been a prolific nonfiction writer, serving as editor and publisher of Epicurean magazine. As a food, wine and travel writer, he’s visited 29 countries and tasted more than 100,000 wines.

The new book was released July 31 and is available on Amazon and wherever eBooks are sold. To learn more about Clemens’ projects, visit

— Clay Lambert

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