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Peninsula blues veterans convene for a night of music at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. Photo courtesy South City Blues Band

With decades of collective jazz experience between the members, the South City Blues Band has seen and done all kinds of blues styles and tempos.

The four-member group will be playing from 5 to 8 p.m. on Sunday at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. The group includes lead vocalist and guitarist John Boutell, bassist Vinnie Fornesi, Tom Defiglio on drums and John Lull on tenor saxophone. Be it jump blues, swing style or funk, the South City Blues members are on the same page. Boutell, Vornessi and Lull have played together for over 10 years. 

Lull brings that timeless saxophone sound, for many a necessary ingredient for high-quality blues. He’s played with several local bands, including Drivin' Wheel, Good Life Rhythm & Blues Review, Third Street Blues Band and Souled Out. Boutell has several critically acclaimed albums he both recorded and engineered.

Fornesi has played in other bands while living on the coast for over 20 years. He’s shared the stage with Chester Thompson, Harvey Mandell of Canned Heat, Gibby Ross of Malo, and Roger Powell of Utopia. Defiglio, the newest member of the group, has been playing the drums since he was 16, and helped produce a local album at age 17.  

The covers they play tend to be blues with upbeat, danceable tempo, and their repertoire dates back to Louis Jordan songs from the 1940s. 

“We call ourselves a blues band, but it’s a variety,” Lull said. “It’s blues spread across the jazz spectrum.” 

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