Snoop Dogg, yes, the famous Long Beach rapper, producer and media personality was sippin’ on gin and juice — or at least playing the turntables — at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. on the night of Feb. 12. 

The event was the tail end of the annual Levi Strauss and Co. executive team outing that ended in a night to remember at the Coastside brewery. People who were there report that for roughly an hour, Snoop Dogg manned the turntables, rapped and sang some Journey with Levi Strauss executives.

Snoop Dogg, whose given name is Calvin Broadus Jr., is a legend in the hip-hop world, having recorded some of the genre’s biggest hits of the 1990s. He was in the news earlier this month for disparaging the television interviewer Gayle King for her

questions about rape charges that Kobe Bryant once faced. The rapper subsequently apologized for his language.

Craig Carroll, the CEO of the Half Moon Bay Brewing Co., said people were very excited when the rapper arrived and took over as the party’s deejay. 

In recent years, Levi Strauss, which is headquartered in San Francisco,

has partnered with famous musicians. Last year, Levi Strauss and Snoop Dogg launched a music-focused initiative at the YMCA Youth Institute in Long Beach. It restored a music studio, provided equipment and connected the youth with Grammy-winning musicians and producers.

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