For the sixth year, the San Francisco Flute Society will bring expert flutists to the Coastside for the five-day “Flutes by the Sea” master class.

The class will include public concerts every evening. The performances take place at 7 p.m., June 12 to 15, at the Community United Methodist Church, 777 Miramontes St. in Half Moon Bay.

The evening performances will feature instructors as well as more than 100 musicians from local groups, including the College of San Mateo’s MagicFlutes, Pacifica’s Bel Canto Flutes, the Peninsula Youth Orchestra Flute Choir, the San Jose Youth Symphony Flute Choir, and the San Jose Blue Jays. 

Half Moon Bay musician Viviana Guzman, a flute instructor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, is the director of “Flutes by the Sea” as well as a master class teacher. When Guzman was born in Chile with dislocated hips, doctors told her family that she would never be able to walk. Her father uprooted the family to come to Stanford for his daughter’s medical treatment. 

She spent the first decade of her life in a body cast. That was how she developed her love of music.

“I couldn’t run or walk or anything,” she said. “But if they flipped me over, I could play the piano.”

Guzman took up the flute when she was 10 for a very practical reason. She had plans to travel the world, and she needed an instrument that was portable.

Since then, the Juilliard-trained musician has performed in 127 countries and produced numerous albums in many different styles from classical to world music. Her latest album, “Let There Be Flute,” was released earlier this year and is the artist’s first foray into pop music. It includes flute arrangements of Enya’s “Only Time,” Camila Cabello’s “Havana” and “Let It Go” from the Disney movie “Frozen,” among others.

The master class will feature one international instructor, Maxim Rubtsov, who is the principal flutist of the Russian National Orchestra. Other instructors include Erika Boysen, of the University of North Carolina; Jose Valentino, of the University of Florida; and Alice Dade, of the University of Missouri School of Music. 

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