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Artist Christine Carrig  is among three who are featuring their work this month at Coastal Arts League. Photo courtesy Christine Carrig 


For Christine Carrig, art and the creative process not only calm her but provide an outlet to focus on and bring satisfaction. 

Carrig’s first art show will be featured alongside work from her fellow student Cindy Newth and their teacher Susan Carkeek at the Coastal Arts League Gallery. The show runs from Oct. 10 through Nov. 3. All the artists will speak about their work at 5 p.m. on Oct. 12 during the show’s opening reception, which runs from 4 to 7 p.m. 

Light appetizers and drinks will be provided. 

The three featured works are titled, “Mind Debris” by Carrig, “Folded Spaces” by Newth, and “Beautiful Undoing” from Carkeek.

Both Carrig and Newth are students of Carkeek, who owns and operates Fly on the Wall Art School in Half Moon Bay. Carkeek is an established artist who’s exhibited in multiple galleries around the Bay Area.

Carrig has a graphic design and painting background, but the concept of creating a formalized showpiece was a step into the unknown, and Carkeek was there to help her in the process of creating and showing her first collection. 

“As students, to be at her caliber is a compliment, and something that I’ve been working at for a long time,” Carrig said. 

Carrig’s work focuses on the idea of keys, and the power and connotations they hold. “Folded Spaces,” from Newth, is about the desire to capture a moment’s essence. 

She used a variety of materials, including paper, oils, watercolor, thread and metals to create the desired effect. Carkeek’s “Beautiful Undoing” involves paintings, paper carvings and other objects to explore what it means to be undone by an experience.

Learning she had the creative talent to do a show gave Carrig confidence. She’s familiar with the gallery, and referenced the well-known en plein air show as an example of how CAL’s intimate setting can provide inspiration. 

“You have this group and there’s energy and experts in one location,” Carrig said. “And being able to talk to an artist while they’re there is nice.” 

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