She spent an hour running through the American Ninja junior obstacle course and playing games and puzzles in the courtyard outside Zaballa House. 

Then, Lisa Cresson, dressed in a superman costume, unveiled a map of downtown Half Moon Bay at Fog Town Toys’ first Family Adventure Night. 

The map showed which businesses families would visit to collect raffle tickets. Couples and families shouted to hurry as they mapped out how they would visit each store before scurrying off to visit local businesses including Sweet55, It’s Italia, the Kevin Henney Gallery and more. 

“It was fun to watch it dawn on them that they were going to have to move quickly,” Fog Town Toys owner Cresson said. “Up until then, nobody thought exercise was going to be a part of the night.”

About 150 people attended the first free Family Adventure Night, and three weeks out, 55 are pre-registered to attend from 5 to 8 p.m. on July 25. Pre-registering on the Fog Town Toys website and dressing up for July’s theme, Mythical Creatures, will be rewarded with free raffle tickets. 

“It was nice to see lots of families with young children, a great way to connect the Half Moon Bay community with small stores,” Sweet55 managers wrote in an email. 

While the majority of people there were parents with kids, a few couples who didn’t have children joined in.

“They just saw it and thought it would be fun,” Cresson said. “I love that. The more people that come together in the community the better.”

Cresson received encouragement and positive feedback from those who attended. 

“Thank you, Fog Town Toys, for putting this on,” one person commented on Facebook. “We’re looking forward to the next one!”

“Thank you!” another person wrote. “Miles and Max had so much fun and I got to my (10,000) steps no problem!”

Creating an activity where people could move was one of the goals Cresson had for Family Adventure Night. The other two were to give families a fun and free activity and to involve the community too. 

“I think, as the owner of Fog Town Toys, part of what I value with play is having kids get outside and move their bodies, and sometimes toys facilitate that and sometimes we don’t need toys,” Cresson said. “Sometimes we just need a fun idea and some chaperones.” 

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