The Half Moon Bay Wine and Cheese Co. hosted psychic Lisa Mitchell of Moonlight Psychic on Saturday evening for free tarot card and palm readings. 

Mitchell runs Moonlight Psychic with her daughter-in-law. Based in San Francisco, it’s been open in Half Moon Bay for two months. 

Mitchell studied at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and has been operating for 10 years in San Francisco. “You’re driven because it’s a calling, a spiritual calling,” said Mitchell, “You feel people’s pain, some of the sorrow, some of the confusion, and you want to help.”

Mitchell was walking down Main Street shortly after coming to the coast and passed by the wine and cheese retailer. “Something drew me in. I was passing by and something told me to turn around and go back,” said Mitchell. 

While Mitchell was browsing in the store she overhead someone asking an employee to donate to the Special Olympics program. Mitchell offered to donate her psychic services to the Special Olympics raffle. “Another thing that drew us here to Half Moon Bay is that we really want to get into the community and serve the community the best we can through these events that could help people,” Mitchell said. 

Kerri Leever-Gustin, of Half Moon Bay Wine and Cheese Co., asked her to come to host an event.

“I thought it would be a fun event,” Leever-Gustin said. “We have music, wine-tasting and a lot of events here, and this just seemed like something different.”

Mitchell comes from a background of spiritual healers. “My mother did it, my grandmother did it and I naturally have the gift. I developed it.”

The Mitchells say they offer a variety of spiritual services, and were drawn to Half Moon Bay due to its rich history. “There’s so much energy, spiritual energy here,” Mitchell said “Things that have happened in the past, even a hundred years ago, still leave a certain mark of energy that you can feel.

“You don’t feel that in the big city as much,” she said. “We’re in a smaller environment.”

Mitchell also said she thinks there is a lot of paranormal energy in Half Moon Bay from the ships rendered to the sea to the historic downtown and Main Street. “There’s a lot of paranormal energy here,” said Mitchell, “We aren’t the only ones who occupy this space.” 

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