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Diane Burns-Haussler discusses her book, which speaks to the experience of being a widow. Kyle Ludowitz/Review

When Diane Burns-Haussler’s husband, Edward Haussler, died in November 2016, she turned to prose as she processed her pain. She’s now converted these musings into a deeply personal book titled, “A Widow’s Walk, Thoughts on the Unexpected … Expected.” 

“I’m not a stranger to writing,” said Burns-Haussler. “I started writing to cope with the cancer and what it can lead to. 

“It was very therapeutic to me to write my feelings,” she continued. “It turned into a lot of poetic prose and poetry.” 

Those words written are deeply personal. They deal with grief as well as her own journey through profound loss. 

Burns-Haussler asserts that the degree of loss and grieving is relative to each individual and that there are no hard and fast rules for how to do it. Based on her experiences, she believes walking straight through the pain, a little at a time, is the way to survive it.

“Loss is a subject that is going to impact all of us at one time or the other,” said Burns-Haussler.

“Often times, when we feel things with a loss, most of us are in a state of confusion,” she said. “What I have been told is that my writing has given people a way to see what they are feeling. 

“When someone reads something and thinks, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s what I’m feeling,’ that’s really valuable,” she continued. “To feel that I’m not the only one plodding around on this path is really important. It’s good to know that, ‘Oh, somebody else is feeling that too. I think I’ll be alright.’” Burns-Haussler is also an accomplished artist who is known for her work with Batik. For this project, she began working with ink pencils.  

“A lot of the illustrations that came out were in coordination with the stanzas,” she said. “There were images with what I was feeling.

“These illustrations have hit people as well. They inspire some kind of emotional reaction that’s different for every single one of us,” she continued. “This book is about helping people through some difficult times.”


Book Launch: The realease of "A Widow's Walk, thoughts on the Unexpected... Expected" will be celebrated from 6 to 9 p.m. on March 8 at Ink Spell books. To order the book, visit Ink Spell Books or contact Burns-Haussler by email

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