Monday night means West Coast Swing for a graceful group of Pacificans enrolled in an ongoing dance class at Angie Major Dance Instruction. With cool blues music playing in the room, leaders and followers formed pairs and listened to Major’s explanation of key moves, like the “left side pass” and the “sugar push.”

Most of the people in the class have been studying with Major for a while. They have learned salsa, tango  — you name it, they can probably dance it. Their experience showed in their proper posture and the way they positioned their hands on their dance partner’s upper arm or waist. It was a light touch, applying just enough weight to exchange subtle cues.

April Seager is a staff writer covering events and endeavors in the Coastside community. She received a master of arts in German literature from Brigham Young University and completed graduate work in German studies at Washington University in St. Louis.  

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Ozzie Ghani

As one of Angie's students, I would like to highlight the wide repertoire of various dance styles Angie specializes in teaching. She instructs in East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Jazz, Foxtrot, Lindy Hop, Blues, Charleston, Waltz, NightClub Two Steps, Salsa, and more.

Angie has a wonderfully calm and cordial presence. She demonstrates lots of patience with beginners, which in turn helps them overcome their nervousness and anxiety in no time.

Angie's group classes are stress-free and collaborative in nature. They are held within an atmosphere that is permeated by warmth and enthusiasm.

Angie also specializes in working with wedding couples. Her professional teaching experience helps couples demonstrate highly individualized, presentable routines.

Just like a beautiful dance, every lesson with Angie is a true gift.



Thank you so much, April, for the amazing article! I'd like to add that with mention of this article, you can take the first class free next month on Monday April 3rd! I'm offering beginning ballroom tango at 6:45pm and intermediate West Coast Swing at 7:45pm. Classes are Monday evenings at St. Edmund's in the Linda Mar area of Pacifica. No partner necessary!

Happy Dancing!

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