Phil Johnson
Comedian Phil Johnson puts his funniest thoughts to music, and he's bringing those musings to Hop Dogma this weekend.

Comedy Sharks, the stand-up comedy show produced by local comedian Phil Griffiths, continues to attract unique comics to the Hop Dogma brewery on the Midcoast. Friday night’s 8 p.m. show features several nationally touring comedians.

Sandy Stec, a radio host of Star 101.3, is headlining the show. Stec is a talented stand-up comedian, and she’s worked with Kevin Hart, Dana Carvey and Chelsea Handler. 

Both music and humor can alleviate stress, and Phil Johnson combines both. An adept musician and comedian, Johnson often incorporates original music into his set, creating material that stands out. Visit to learn more about Johnson and to listen and watch his comedy. His last two specials are on Amazon Prime. 

Johnson’s turn into comedy began about 15 years ago while he was playing with his band, Roadside Attraction. During a music convention in Las Vegas, Johnson wrote and performed several entertaining and humorous songs, and his friends begged him

to write more. Johnson gradually continued to play gigs, eventually landing a spot at the Hyena Theatre in San Francisco and connecting with the host. 

“I did four hours with my band last weekend. I thought this should be no problem,” Johnson recalled. “And then you realize how long seven minutes is on the comic stage.” 

Johnson’s work is a candid reflection of himself. When he’s not performing, he’s involved in other projects. He blogs and plays with his band. He created a podcast on the history of piracy and its intersection with popular culture.

But finding that beat as a stand-up comedian while continuing his passion for music has given Johnson a world of opportunity. 

“I realized the comedy music would open up new venues to me that I didn’t have access to otherwise,” Johnson said. “Not just comedy clubs, but places like casinos. Normally, if you play in a casino, they want you to play someone else’s music. But if my music is funny, I can go in there and play my own stuff.”

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