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Montarans Victor and Deanna Martinez bring out the best in pets in their venture Photogra-V. Photo courtesy Victor Martinez

Dog owners love to see the unique, intangible qualities of their dogs. Each canine has it, that subtle intelligence and personality only its owner can perceive. 

That’s what Victor Martinez yearns to capture with his photography. 

Victor and his wife, Deanna, run Photogra-V, a portrait photography company founded on their love of dogs. The Montara-based company is known for its pet work, but it also specializes in family portraits, wedding and commercial shoots. Victor Martinez says he enjoys creating a lasting memory for clients and attempting to capture the right feelings in his images.

“Growing up with dogs, and realizing that a pet is only with you for so long, it’s very gratifying to know you can have something that will live forever,” he said. “And that’s what pushed me, to allow that to be something I could do for other people.” 

Victor Martinez’s interest in photography goes back to his teenage years. Deanna Martinez has lived in Montara most of her life, and her husband moved there four years ago, around the same time they started Photogra-V. It was the young couple’s dog, Odin, a Pekingese-pitbull mix, and subsequent photos of him that got them inspired to start the photography company. 

The two work in tandem to get the best possible shots. The challenges are exactly what one would imagine: keeping the dog in one place and looking in the right direction, getting its attention, and timing it correctly. Their priority is to take all the stress off owners, so they don’t have to worry about their dog’s behavior. 

“We like to make sure you’re at ease and everything is comfortable before we start shooting,” Victor Martinez said. We take control of that situation ourselves.”

All production aspects are done by them, from managing client invoices to color correction and the final print. They each have their specialties, with Deanna on the managerial side and Victor in the creative realm.

“We’re always talking to one another about the next step. It doesn’t really matter what it is, we’ll tag team it together,” said Victor.

The couple makes use of many shooting locations on the Coastside. From Montara to Mavericks Beach to the Palo Alto Hills, they are open to shoot wherever both dog and owner are happy to be. 

To learn more about the Martinezes business, visit

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