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Artists are present to discuss their work at 337 Mirada ART, and that gives visitors another reason to visit the space just north of Half Moon Bay. August Howell / Review

Inside the striking wooden building located along the Coastal Trail in Miramar, 337 Mirada ART was bustling with visitors who’d walked in off the street on Friday afternoon. 

The high windows let in the natural light of the late afternoon sun, illuminating dozens of paintings, photographs, ceramics and jewelry all produced by local artists. It’s a combination of external factors that contribute to the gallery’s charm and make it a sight worth seeing, particularly its proximity to the ocean, restaurants and another art hotspot, the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society.  

But, inside, the gallery really comes into its own. Each Friday through Sunday, as many as seven featured artists are there with their work, ready to meet and speak with potential customers and casual viewers. It’s a free hub for visitors to both discover new artists and return to familiar work, creating a connection and intimacy all its own.

This week features Sherri Hanna, Kim Schroeder, Jeanne Dayne and Aileen Cain. All are local artists willing to share their diverse work with anyone interested.

Cain’s fused glass pieces, with plates, bowls and tiles are particularly eye-catching. They come in all sizes, colors and unique patterns. Kim Schroeder offers elaborate and detailed watercolors, and Jeanne Dayne will share her elegant, handcrafted gemstone jewelry. 

Hanna’s work consists of a variety of intricate acrylics on canvas and glass. She’s a lead organizer and producer of the weekly shows. She opened the gallery in 2016, and, since then, it’s hosted a rotating group of artists showing a variety of techniques.

It’s similar to an open studio, but its consistency is key. In the two years it has been fully operational, more than 70 artists have come through, usually staying one or two weeks. The artists are incentivized to be present, as they must pay a 10 percent sales commission if they are in the gallery compared to 20 percent if they are not. Hanna estimates they get about 300 people coming in each weekend during peak season with good weather.

“We try to have the artists on site every time,” Hanna explained, “so people can come in and meet the artists, get to know them, learn what their inspirations are.” 

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