Jerry Miner and Amy Barnes find the humor in life as a couple.  They are bringing their act to Mariners Church this week.

Upon first glance, “Couples Date Night” at the Mariners Church may not appear to be a particularly humorous occasion. But the comedy and creativity of Amy Barnes and Jerry Miner promise otherwise.

Barnes and Miner are married comedians who host “Couples Date Night,” a set they have toured for more than 10 years. 

Barnes and Miner will perform together at 7 p.m. on Friday at Mariners Church in Half Moon Bay. In conjunction with the show, on Saturday morning there is a free, informal, interactive, couples workshop facilitated by Luke Wilkerson, licensed marriage and family therapist. Visit to register and learn more. 

As a Christian couple playing in churches, Miner said many people assume their sets are preachy. He explained that though pastors often use humor as part of services, that isn’t what he and his wife are doing. They want to make anyone, regardless of faith or marital status, laugh. Without directly poking fun at each other, the couple make subtle and direct jokes on managing romantic relationships, blending humor into everyday marital issues, from finances to schedules and communication. The couple is currently based in Tacoma, Wash., and they continue to do their own solo stand-up in the Pacific Northwest. They began this material as a theater show in Oklahoma and have since toured at churches across the country. 

“We were getting blessed with work further and further out,” Miner said. “It just took off. We’ve been to over 700 churches around the country now.”

Miner, 58, and Barnes, 45, have been married since 2002, and both have written for well-known comedians during their time in Los Angeles. Barnes wrote for Jack Black and Bonnie Hunt; Miner for Jay Leno and Paul Riser. While many stand-up comics are white men, Barnes and Miner’s work is a point of diversity. They are two people on stage with different perspectives.

“The choices are limited if you’re looking for a diverse point of view,” Miner said of the stand-up scene. “So, when it’s a husband and a wife, you’re getting both points of view. Both genders are being represented.”

No two shows are the same. Throughout their travels, Barnes and Miner have heard remarkable stories when they involve the audience. 

“We just start talking to the crowd about where they met, and the stories you hear are amazing,” Miner said. “Some of the things you hear will blow your mind.” 

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